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Discussion in 'Bill Archer's Guestbook' started by Ted Cikowski, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Ted Cikowski

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    May 31, 2000
    This is what I received in my inbox yesterday from a random source:

    "We all remember role models who educated us in life’s lessons. They taught us to be honest and kind, to not make hasty judgments, to admit and learn from our mistakes, and to work with and be fair to others. We learned that integrity is found in actions, not words, that acting smug didn’t make us right, and that we need to face challenges with an open mind and hard work.

    We aspire to those qualities in ourselves - and we should require them of our politicians. We need a president who thoughtfully pays attention to the complexities of the problems facing us and makes decisions based on the common good. Simple answers may be comforting, but simple answers are almost always wrong. We need a president who makes decisions intelligently and compassionately and for good and defensible reasons.

    The world is changing and we must learn and change to meet new challenges. Openness to change is not weakness. Boastful slogans and stubbornness do not find practical solutions. We need to restore real values, real integrity, and real commitment in our government. Our great country deserves leadership that promotes the values of freedom and innovation. We need to change the regime in this country - not just for ourselves but for the whole world.

    This election, people of character, insight, and faith will come together to reject the politics of fear and division and instead focus on a positive future. I am one of those people who will vote my values and vote for a better world. Please join me and vote for John Kerry and your local Democratic candidate to restore integrity and character in our government.

    Please forward this e-mail to people you know, or send your own e-mail urging friends and family to vote for Kerry and the Democrats. Together, we can make our world a better place."

    So I replied:

    "Dear Jackass,

    I am voting for Bush.


    Fresh Kid T"

    and I get a reply back from him:


    I am sorry about the e-mail. I did not send it. I hate George Bush but I will not vote for Kerry either as his campaign is using my email address to send spam mail. I am so upset about this and please accept my apology."

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