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    And still I see no changes can't a brother get a little peace
    It's war on the streets & the war in the Middle East
    Instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs
    so the police can bother me
    And I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do
    But now I'm back with the blacks givin' it back to you


    Americans, let's face it: We've been a spoiled country for a long time.
    Do you know what the number one health risk in America is?
    Obesity. They say we're in the middle of an obesity epidemic.
    An epidemic like it is polio. Like we'll be telling our grand kids about it one day.
    The Great Obesity Epidemic of 2004.
    "How'd you get through it grandpa?"
    "Oh, it was horrible Johnny, there was cheesecake and pork chops everywhere."


    We're in one of the richest countries in the world,
    but the minimum wage is lower than it was thirty five years ago.
    There are homeless people everywhere.
    This homeless guy asked me for money the other day.
    I was about to give it to him and then I thought he was going to use it on drugs or alcohol.
    And then I thought, that's what I'm going to use it on.
    Why am I judging this poor b@stard.
    People love to judge homeless guys. Like if you give them money they're just going to waste it.
    Well, he lives in a box, what do you want him to do? Save it up and buy a wall unit?


    Let the president answer a higher anarchy
    Strap him with an Ak-47, let him go, fight his own war
    Let him impress daddy that way
    No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil
    No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain't loyal
    If we don't serve our own country, we're patronizing a hero


    and what did you expect ... a perfect child
    raised by tv sets ... abandoned every mile
    we never get respect ... never a fair trial
    no one gives a ******** ... as long as we smile

    -Smile Empty Soul

    Imagine there's no countries,
    It isnt hard to do,
    Nothing to kill or die for,
    No religion too,
    Imagine all the people
    living life in peace...
    Imagine no possesions,
    I wonder if you can,
    No need for greed or hunger,
    A brotherhood of man,
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world...

    -A Perfect Circle (yeah it was remade but I'm not sure who did the original and the video is great)

    Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
    But we still got terrorists here livin'
    In the USA, the big CIA
    The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK...
    The truth is kept secret, it's swept under the rug
    If you never know truth then you never know love

    -Black Eyed Peas

    Don't wanna be an American idiot.
    One nation controlled by the media.

    -Green Day

    Racism still alive
    they just been concealing it
    -Kanye West

    OK so my Dad says that artists today only like to point out problems but don't want to do anything to fix them. That may or may not be true but what do you think? Are artist just pointing out problems to people and offering no solutions so what we get is a bunch of pissed off people that want change but aren't offering any solutions to get it? Or do you think that aside from whatever else is on their albums that they deserve a chance to be listened to and taken seriously when needed?

    All that and what do you think when you think about people in high school and college hearing all this? Some people may get sick to their stomach thinking that these people will be making a lot of very important decisions in the future but like it or not they will and now more and more artists are starting to write songs like these with what you might call a real point and realeasing them as singles that are played on the radio and making some pretty controvertial videos to go along with them. Basically I'm just kinda curious to see what everyone thinks (if anything) of these lyrics and artists opinions and influence on peoples political ideas, especially on how the effect the ideas of people who listen to them almost religiously.
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