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Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by greenie, Aug 31, 2002.

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    Not seeing a preview or notes of any kind on the Rapids website (odd, you figure at home they'd push it more than they did the NE game), haven't seen anything in the local papers (don't expect to with CSU-CU)... anybody have any info to dangle ahead of tomorrow's match with the Boin? Maybe one of you media types that lurks here?

    Little help? Someone, anyone?

    So, I went out to dig up what I could find.

    One interesting bit of Rapids information I've learned is that while Stewart is definitely out on caution points, Titus doesn't seem to be. I'm a bit confused, as I thought he's been on the "warning report" quite recently. Will be nice to see him in there... if he is indeed available as MLSnet claims.

    Speaking of the Warning Report, it states that Fraser (nearing 21 points) and Wes Hart (nearing his additonal 11 points) are on the bubble.

    Referee is Ricardo Valenzuela. This is the first game in 2002 that the Rapids have seen him run the middle. Unfortunately, we don't have the best record when he's in charge, winning 2 of 6. Past games he's run for us:

    09.03.00 -- Fire 2 : 1 Rapids (2 yellows)
    03.18.00 -- Galaxy 2 : 1 Rapids (3 yellows)
    06.12.99 -- Metro 0 : 1 Rapids (2 yellows)
    09.16.98 -- Crew 2 : 4 Rapids (1 yellow)
    07.04.98 -- Rapids 1 : 0 Metros (4 yellow)
    05.16.98 -- Burn 2 : 1 Rapids (2 yellows)

    One interesting thing I noticed is that 4 of the yellows he's handed out to the Rapids were for delay of game.

    From Burn sources, I have found out:
    - Pareja out due to caution point suspension
    - No injuries of note
    - Dallas in unbeaten at Colorado in last 4 visits
    - Kreis has 19 points in 23 games against Colorado
    - Sunday's game is the first of three games in five days for the horsies
    - Strong rumors that young'un Eddie Johnson will start, Kreis may sit in favor of saving up for Tuesday's Open Cup match
    - Rhine a likely starter after scoring the hat-trick against us in June
    - Defender Steve Morrow's only goals of the season are against the Rapids
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    Interesting info on the yellow card hand outs there. Do you think they actually discuss this pregame strategy stuff?

    Hopefully the Rapids can take the three points and shake the monkey off their backs with the Dallas fiasco this season.

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