Soccer specific. Stadiums? Cost. vs. benefit?

Discussion in 'MLS: Expansion' started by bostonsoccermdl, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Apr 3, 2002
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    I hear a lot about SSS stadiums helping our league develop, but how about some discussion on the benefits of having one vs the huge costs.... I am trying ot figure this out, but really have no insight.

    I mean is the one in colombus really helping as far as profitbalility, attendance, etc? If so, besides California, are any others being planned? Chicago?

    Also, as a small sidenote, I assume they could be used in the offseason for concerts, other sporting events, tradeshows, etc to help reduce the costs of building the stadium..
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    Nov 12, 2000
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    MLS does not have profitable leases currentlly they do not get monies from concessions or parking in many places

    Also Most football fields are too small for a FIFA pitch.

    MLS has scheduling problems with football

    the gridiron is an eyesore

    a pitch after a football game is a disaster and dangerous for soccer to be played on

    big empty stadiums suck to be in, there's something to be said for a packed crowd.

    IF MLS could avg 45000 per game a football stadium owuld be OK
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    Lets think for a second.
    Let's say it cost $30 million to make a stadium
    and let's say it's $30 million to get into a league that gets one game a week on tv and average of 15,000 people to come in. How long will it take to bank even??????
    I love MLS, I watch MLS, I buy MLS stuff. It's not hard to see why we only have 10 teams.
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    You've got to remember it's more about positive cash flow and favorable tax situations. Hell in your scenario you're looking at $4mil a year just at the gate. I don't know what TV deals and licensing add.
    Plus there is a lot of money to made in concessions.
    In addition if the league does well and your franchise does well the team should increase in value.
  6. crestuden

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    Apr 5, 2001
    Its not like the stadium could only be used for MLS matches. It can be used for National Team matches mens and womens, concerts, football games, or lacrosse. A stadium can be profitable especially if other events can be held in it to make up for construction.

    My fault I totally missed the bottom half of the first post.
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    Don't forget the thing that is driving the new stadium/arena craze, luxury suites.

    An example is the NFL stadium that Anschutz was going to build in L.A. would've had 200 suites and the average price would've been $200,000 a year, which equals $40 million in sales a year on luxury suites.
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    the only problem with that is this: NFL... the NFL fans are willing to pay $200K priced suites... MLS fans Not period.

    MLS should search another way to become profitable other than that
  10. Sports Fan Stan

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    One benefit of SSS not discussed in this thread, is the condition of the pitch. Soccer fields that are torn up by gridball affect the quality of play. The financial benefit is with better play, there is a better chance of getting fans to attend games in lieu of watching EPL, MFL, etc. on TV.

    I realize that the so-called 'Eurosnob' market is a tough nut to crack. Local footy being played on a torn up pitch is a guarantee that the Eurosnob-types will stay home and tune into channel 250. With a decent pitch, maybe they will like what they see enough to someday become a 'local-snob.' :)

    Finally, having a torn up pitch will make the probability of getting nat-team matches somewhere around zero-%.


    PS: I have nothing against E-snobs. I'm all for people watching what sports/leagues they wish.
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