So, what happens when AFC Wimbledon wins the Ryman League?

Discussion in 'Other Divisions' started by SYoshonis, Sep 5, 2004.

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    They have a 100% record in their new league, and appear at this admittedly early stage to be on their way to promotion again. Can someone who knows more about this than I do please explain what would happen if they win this division title? How close are they to getting to the Football League, and when do they hit a snag due to their small ground?

    Thanks in advance.
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    They'll pass the MK Dons on their way up, I'd imagine.

    And even with a small ground they managed to sell more season tickets than MK Dons, so I'm sure they'll have the money to expand the ground as far as they need. It's only getting into the third division (I still call it that without thinking, League Two :p) from the Conference where that's been a major problem in the past isn't it? I remember Stevenage couldn't go up one year... and Brighton survived the drop then, and now they've made it up to the championship in a couple of years...

    Well, AFC Wimbledon are in the Ryman League Division 1 and there is a Premier Division above that, and then getting up from there is the hardest part because only one team get promoted to the Conference from there, so they would have to win the league next season if they get promoted this time. But if all does go well for them, they could be in League Two in 3 seasons from now. Unlikely, but possible.
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    Actually, from this year there's another division between AFC and the League. If they win the Ryman Premiere next year, they would be promoted to the new Conference South. Another promotion would take them to the Conference, and then there's the League -- whatever its lowest division turns out to be called by then.

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    I'd love to see it get rigged so they meet in a Cup match.
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    That's a lot of teams

    I took a look at the link and all I can say is that there are a whole lot of teams. Now I know why some of my English friends say there needs to be come consolidation of teams and leagues.

    Good luck to AFC Wimbledon as they move up the leagues.
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    Re: That's a lot of teams

    Somewhat related: MK Dons owner Pete Winkleman is interviewed in the latest FourFourTwo (the issue with Barcelona on the cover). He blames MK Dons poor attendance and their demotion to "that division formerly known as Division Two" squarely at the supporters of AFC Wimbledon. Winkleman felt that these fans abandoned the club and also turned their back on suggestions by former owner Charles Koppel that the club move to Kingstonian where Wimbledon's reserves were playing.

    AFW Wimbledon supporters don't even acknowledge the MK Dons. When the new season started, SkySports asked Kris Stewart and other supporters about the name, crest and color change and they all virtually responded that the club had essentially ceased to be Wimbledon a long time ago.

    Something tells me that when these two clubs eventually play each other, it'll be interesting to say the least.
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    The funnier side of Franchising....

    I put together to 'celebrate' the theft of Wimbledon FC.

    Enjoy the nonsense contained within the site and hopefully have a few laughs, but bear in mind the serious message behind it.

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