So I'm finally making the trip!

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    I will be heading to London on the 18th of December, until new years day :)

    Couple questions for those in the know :)

    I see Chelsea plays Leicester on the 22nd, what is the easiest way to obtain a single ticket? (i'm coming with family, so it might be easier to go to a less desirable game with them in addition while We are here)

    also, I see they play Watford and Palace away while here.
    Would I just buy tickets from their "box office" and sit in the travelling support end?

    anyone wanna meet up and have a few pints? :p

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    Are you part of CIA? If so, that would be the easiest route. Going there without a ticket can be tough as you'd have to scalp one and that can be nearly impossible. Beat bet is to join CIA and True Blue. Pay that cost then try to get tickets through them.

    Last match I went to was 2005 though. Hell the Shed Pub was still in the stadium then. What a place to enjoy the build up.

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