SL Benfica still owe's Erickson money

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    Eriksson pursues Benfica over alleged unpaid money

    November 10, 2003
    LISBON (AP) - England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson says he is attempting to collect money which Benfica allegedly owes him from more than a decade ago.

    The Swede said Monday during a visit to Lisbon, he has instructed a Portuguese lawyer to pursue Benfica over the alleged debt which dates from his period as coach from 1990 to '92. "The fact is, they owe me money," Eriksson told a news conference. "For years I tried to talk to them. Maybe it's time, after 12 years, to do something about it."

    He did not say how much he claims he is owed, nor did he confirm Portuguese media reports that his lawyer has opened legal proceedings against the club.

    Benfica spokesman Joao Malheiro, contacted by phone, said he couldn't comment without more details of Eriksson's claim.

    The club hasn't given a formal response to the allegation since it first appeared Saturday in Portuguese sports daily O Jogo.

    The paper reported that Eriksson's lawyer had taken legal action to recoup an alleged debt of $530,000 US.

    The sum pertains to taxes on Eriksson's salary which, he claims, the club had agreed to pay, as well as interest on the amount he alleges he is owed, according to the report.

    Eriksson paid the income tax after demands from the authorities, and is now seeking a reimbursement from Benfica, O Jogo said.

    Eriksson was also Benfica coach from 1982 to '84.

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