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Discussion in 'Scandinavia' started by Shichinin, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Shichinin

    Shichinin New Member

    Dec 25, 2001
    Line-ups from AB:

    SKOTTLAND (trupp):
    Målvakter: Craig Gordon, David Marshall, Alan Combe.
    Försvarare: Russell Anderson, Gary Caldwell, Jackie McNamara, Steven Pressley, Andy Webster, Kevin McNaughton, Ian Murray.
    Mittfältare: Barry Ferguson, Darren Fletcher, Gary Holt, Stephen Pearson, Nigel Quashie, Scott Severin. Anfallare: Stevie Crawford, James McFadden, Kenny Miller.
    Förbundskapten: Tommy Burns.

    Målvakt: Magnus Hedman.
    Backlinje: Mikael Nilsson, Olof Mellberg, Teddy Lucic, Mikael Dorsin.
    Mittfält: Anders Andersson, Niclas Alexandersson, Kim Källström, Christian Wilhelmsson.
    Anfall: Marcus Allbäck, Fredrik Berglund.
    Avbytare: Andreas Isaksson (mv), Mikael Antonsson, Petter Hansson, Alexander Östlund, Johan Elmander, Andreas Johansson, Tobias Linderoth, Sharbel Touma, Halmstad/Twente.
    Förbundskapten: Lars

    TV: Viasat sport 1 20.50

    None of Zlatan, Henke, Ljungan, Anders Svensson were called up. Furthermore, Isaksson and Linderoth start on the bench. For inexplicable reasons (back room favors...?), three of the open spots in the 11 went to perennial no-futures Hedman, Alexandersson and Anders Andersson.

    Berglund starts up front, which is interesting, although we probably shouldn't hope for too much from him. Källström needs to show that he's a viable option when the real action starts in spring and should be motivated enough for a decent performance. Dorsin has always seemed very one-dimensional to me - maybe he'll surprise us all, but don't count on it. I'd love to see Touma and Antonsson get at least a half-hour, but again, don't expect the spectacular.

    Most likely, not much will work. We'll be making a whole lotta mistakes tonight and our stars are not present. I'd like it if Wilhelmsson and Berglund got lucky (that's on the field lucky ;)), 2-1 us perhaps? I hear Scotland will also field a B-team though, maybe we'll see a miserably played match but a lot of goals :)
  2. mellon

    mellon New Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    What really gets me furious is that we take the likes of Alexandersson in the national team, come on, he is over the top and even if he went back to his sheffield wednesday days, he is still too old to even consider to play for the national team, especially in a friendly, Sharbel Touma, Bojan Djordic, Alexander Farnerud etc would be much more interesting to see!
  3. Jombajomba

    Jombajomba New Member

    May 23, 2002

    Djordic is a ridicelous player to suggest and Farnerud isnt making any progress at the moment. He should have moved to a better club though cuse he's verey talanted and under better circumstance he should be in the squad.

    Saying that, this is still a ridicelous selection through and through.
    There are a couple of players who are interesting for the nt still active in scandinavia but none of them are selected imo.

    Granqvist - Helsninborg, definitely the most talanted defender in the league. Faultless in every game I seen him.

    Djuric - HBK, a hell of alot better than Touma and the best midfielder in the league currently. Verey mature hardworking two way player, great allround passing and superb in the build up of attacks.

    Grahn - ,talanted but seems like he has a questionable attitude so dont know if he's mch of an option though.

    Rosenberg -, I guess he would have been selected if he wasnt injured[?]...

    Lundqvist, dont know why he is out of the discussion to be honest, he wasnt given alot of chances at all, and from the few chances he recived still did decent in a terrible environment.

    Tomas Olsson - MFF, with the lack of decent defensive midfielders from this country he is the best of the bunnch. But still hasnt really performed to his usual level this season and is extremely injury phrone.

    Jonas Sandqvist - Landskrona, we need a decent second keeper, Hedman clearly demonstrated that he isnt reliable enough.

    Tobias Hysen - verey one dimensional footballer but he has quality in what he does as he showed against Juventus. In my eyes negatively similiar to Mattias Jonson but should therefor be used in the same function becouse he's just 10 times better on just about everything compared to Jonson.
  4. mellon

    mellon New Member

    Jul 26, 2004

    An interesting team to pick would be:

    GK: Sandqvist

    DR: Ostlund
    DC: Antonsson
    DC: Tommy Jonsson (Been extremely good this season from what I have read)
    DL: Dorsin

    MR: Touma (Can play on both the left/Right)
    AMC: Kallstrom (Grahn as a sub)
    DMC: Mikael Nilsson (How about letting him try the defensive midfield position)
    ML: Hysen

    SC: Elmander
    SC: Berglund

    why WHY? do we need to play Mellberg, Lucic, Allback, we know what they can do, the managers know what they can do, and since so many have said no, lets use the time to see some of the upcoming new players play for the honours of their country!
  5. Shichinin

    Shichinin New Member

    Dec 25, 2001
    Djordjic hasn't impressed me, really. Is he still in Red Star?

    Not sure what's going on with Alex. Under normal circustances he should be given a chance.

    I agree with the general sentiment however. There's loads of talent to pick from that was overlooked in favor of the coach favorite no-hopers whose names we all know. Just in the defense there's Nils-Erik Johansson, Gerrbrand, Schleebrügge, Majstorovic (status?) and Tommy Jönsson. Wouldn't protest testing Djuric either. The bigger the stakes, the better he gets. He was one of the few who were up to standard at Brann. How LL's mind works is still a mystery...

    Rosenberg had a minor injury (I better not say more...), but he was subbed in v Brann. He wasn't quite fit then, but it was a week ago and I feel he could've dewfinitely been called up.

    The only way I can reconcile myself with Hedman in the squad (let alone starting...), is that we're playing Scotland and it'd be a good chance for him to impress his club. Obviously though, he should've been written-off from future plans a long time ago. Right now there's no viable (tested) backup to Isak besides Hedman and that scares me more than anything.
  6. Jombajomba

    Jombajomba New Member

    May 23, 2002
    Concerning Djordic, he hasnt impressed you? :p Have anyone even seen him play? :p I know I havent.

    A comeone. RL against Brann isnt the "bigger stakes" Atleast certainly not yet. Either way, getting back to Djuric mental strenght though, I completely agree and thats exactly why he deserves a chance. He played superbly in every highclash meeting this season when it mattered the most. The best example being his performance against IFK in the last and arguably most important match.

    Then take Alexandersson,33 years old and still choking in important matches [above all in the nt] Was simply average for the last 6 matches when it mattered the most, including missing a penalty against Elfsborg. A choker he is.

    I cant belive how under appreciated Djuric is in this country, he will never score alot of goals and perhaps had fewer DIRECT assists than for example Touma. Wich is a result of way he plays based on both exellent team commitment and superb skills, mainly concentrating on the build up or keeping possesion. And not to forget he's a verey good ballwinner.

    I guess journalists and the majority only go by stats here becouse I cant really see how people who watched Halmstad more than once this season could prefer Touma over Djuric. I have never seen Touma play verey good for a 45 minutes, the less for a full game.
  7. mellon

    mellon New Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    Djordjic is with Man U again, Sir Alex is not interested to have him loaned out since he regard him to be the perfect cover for Ryan Giggs when he is fit. Alexandersson cannot be someone to even consider, Touma is much younger, he has the future in front of himself, as well as Hysen, who I regard to be the next upcoming star within swedish football!

    I have to admit that I do not know enough Djuric to even start speculating about him, But what I have read about he seems to be of very high potential, but isn't he a central midfielder, and I reckon its hard to take Kallstroms place and if I have intrepreted peoples opinions about him, he is not the defensive midfield type right? Hence He would not get to play anyway since our "beloved" National Team Coaches always wants one central defensive midfielder!

    Tobias Grahn is a skillful player, but according to me he is not a team player, hence I do not think he will ever be considered for the national team as long as he doesnt play in some of the more "respected" european leagues.

    The one thing with LL is that he will never EVER try to be a little bit adventurous, to take some risk, and give new players a chance! its always about the same ol' boring players with the likes of Lucic, Linderoth, Anders Andersson, Anders Svensson, Allback! Its only a friendly, against a scottish side who won't even be fully strengthen, so what risks would we take!?
  8. Jombajomba

    Jombajomba New Member

    May 23, 2002
    Djuric can compete for all positions and btw, he would be more suited to the nt central spot than Källström as he is faster and definitely superior
    defensively, wich is a requirement as we lack good defensive midfielders.

    The ol' boring Anders Svensson has more skill and class than Wilhelmsson and Källström put together, and he isnt even in the squad for this selection so whats your point really?
  9. Shichinin

    Shichinin New Member

    Dec 25, 2001
    At Brann he showed his form is still good. But I was thinking more in terms of his entire Allsvenskan season, plus the U21 Euros this summer (recall in the last disappointing matches when Elmander & co were struck with paralysis, Dolle was the oly one who stood up). Anyway, I see that you and I more or less agree on his quiet brilliance. :)

    Indeed. Touma is a mood player and can be completely useless when things don't go his side's way. HBK - Ifk is a prime example. I couldn't believe how many corners he spoiled then. But now he's been called, and should get a chance, even if Djuric has more potential. Remember as well, that they're two different types. Touma is a typical winger, while Djuric is central.
  10. Shichinin

    Shichinin New Member

    Dec 25, 2001
    He could compete for Linderoth's place. What Djuric lacks is experience, but it should soon (now IMHO) be time for him to acquire some in the NT
  11. Jombajomba

    Jombajomba New Member

    May 23, 2002
    Actually, I dont want to see Källström as an attacking central midfielder again. The one paced nature of his game that isnt effective for anything except coming in as a sub is getting tiredsome. He just cant slow down the game to save his life and lacks the pace to play the way he now does.

    I dont doubt he can be an effective player with the vision he posses but he
    requires the team to adapt for him to a certain extent and he just isnt worth it with his atrocious defending.

    He shouldnt compete for this position anymore. Time to give Djuric a try.

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