Sixto Vizuete fired as NT Coach

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    i hope quinteros still takes players like erazo into consideration even if they dont get playing time in there team i feel like he wouldnt do that and make playing time essential to a players call up im really going to miss how we were renewing our squad we are never going to have a real chance to experiment now quinteros is new and needs time to find his starting team learn the players and more even though we will face panama twice in later friendlies i doubt he will experiment and make drastic changes from the first two games vs mexico and argentina
    Pineida, Canga, Erazo, Ramirez
    ---------Valencia, Gruezo---------
    ----Bolanos, Cazares, Martinez----
    I would have loved to see this vs games like panama especially if we face them twice have Penilla come in for Bolanos and Plata for Martinez and have Piedra, Pineida, Canga, Erazo, Ramirez, Gruezo, Cazares, and Anangono play 90 min for both games
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    Gamble lost.
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    Vizuete got fired after a bad U-20 tournament. Quinteros' fate should be the same.

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