Sir John Speaks!

Discussion in 'Newcastle United' started by CrewToon, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Seems everyone's all over the 'director of football' angle to this story, which may or may not help Roeder, depending on who it is. I, for one, think that it won't do a lick of good until the Fat Bastard is gone.

    First name out of the chutes for director of football? Kevin Keegan
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    I read that article earlier and I couldn't help getting the feeling Sir John sounds a lot like Dick Cheney attempting to describe a certain conflict as "in its last throes"

    A Director of football position being bandied about now? How about a band aid for an axe wound? The Board were speaking about the same position last year when they were debating whom would replace Souness. A director of football isn't going to be worth a whole lot until the Fat one lets go of getting involved in transfers. Nor will a Director of Football score or save goals in the next twelve games. Too little too late.

    Now, if the calls for "Shepard out" at the Riverside were so insignificant then why does Sir John dramatically break his silence now after that game? He kept his mouth shut throughout the madness with Souey last year, why speak now?

    Please note that this "interview" was a direct call from Sir John to Anal Oliver of the Chronicle.

    The article is a load from a nervous man.

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