Sir Alex on Tim Howard 12 Nov.

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    Manchester United Goalkeeper Tim Howard Surprises Ferguson, Ousts Barthez
    Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- After Tim Howard joined Manchester United from New York-New Jersey MetroStars in July, manager Alex Ferguson told him to be patient and wait for his chance to play. The U.S. goalkeeper hasn't missed a match since.

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    Thanks for sharing that article. Since Howard signed with Man Utd. and myself being a Metrostars Supporter, there was no doubt in my mind that Timmy would make a tremendous impact on the team. I remember that there were many people on this forum who thought otherwise. They thought he would never get the chance to shine and just become a bench-warmer. Congrats to Timmy on his great season so far, and I wish him continued success.

    I still can't believe that he has 10 shutouts in 17 games played already with Manchester Utd.!!!!

    Oh and BTW, Sir Alex Ferguson was in New York City to announce that Man Utd. will return to the US next Summer for the Champions World Series Tour!!!! Hope to see Timmy there again!
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    Nov 13, 2002
    And the link is...

    ...above. A couple of tidbits that were new to me, such as SAF saying that he was going to start Carroll in the Charity Shield but wanted to see how TH did in a game against their biggest opponent that had some meaning. SAF says it was this performance that convinced him that our Tim was his man.
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    Tim Howard is the pride and joy of the Metros family. Hell, Howard is the pride and joy of all american soccer. From his days here in Metroland to now in the promise land, Tim was always a winner even when his team lost. From watching him u could see a star in the making and I always knew he was destined for bigger and better things. I was sore the day I heard the news of his departure but at the same time happy to see him go to the much deserved greener pastures of Europe.

    From seeing him in town(as he lived only a few blocks from me) to watching him man the nets for my Metros to the sunday morning paper-view Preimership match of the week in goal for Man U.... its like having a close friend become the pope.

    I wish Tim all the luck in the world and many years of success in the Priemership and on his quest to becoming the best keeper on the planet. I will always look forward to his homecoming as the king of Metroland.

    Tim, you will always be a metro!
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    great article...
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    funny, no mention of Tourette's...

    Way to go Timmy.

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