Simularities to Euro 96

Discussion in 'Euro 2012' started by Fabio Grosso 2006, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Here's some of the things that happened at euro 96 and could happen again

    Portugal met the Czech Republic in the quarter Finals
    Spain met England in the quarter finals { jumping the gun here }
    Russia was eliminated at the group stage as was Italy after a last minute goal, that game ended 3-3 sending the Italians out
    France and Croatia both made the quarters, the french made the semi's
    Germany met England in the semi finals, the french met the czechs
    Germany won it!!

    I think some of these results will occurr again. I think spain will meet england, I think the italians are going home courtesy of a drawn match { probably a stoppage time equaliser } and I think the french will make the semi's, croatia the quarters. Spain to meet england in the quarters again.

    Germany wins euro 96:p

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