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    Hadn't seen this article on Pia posted anywhere else.

    This bit by Abby confirms things I think many of us had figured out but was proven at the WWC:
    "The two coaches before her, April and Greg, were virtually the same. They had very different styles, but they had the same ideas and the same mentality and the same philosophy of soccer."
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    Great article. I cannot believe I am about to type this but USSF got it right.
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    And Pia got it right as well. Indeed times have changed!
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    and this from:
    "During the two training camps leading up to Four Nations, Sundhage's primary concern was to shape a more productive and possession-oriented midfield. Lindsay Tarpley and Heather O'Reilly were reinvented as attacking midfielders, most likely to better utilize their speed. It came as no surprise that the tandem had a standout tournament, especially Tarpley, who practically camped out in the opposing team's net with four goals (she was top scorer in Four Nations).

    Tina DiMartino earned her first cap and assist against Finland, and Angie Woznuk found the back of the net in just her second cap with the senior team to tally the 4-1 win over Finland.

    "All of them are technical. Woznuk, she had a great goal, and Tina DiMartino played [Lauren] Cheney in," said Sundhage. "It is good for them to have this experience playing in China in big games."
    ...."Abby Wambach wasn't the sole target up top for a change, but she had a strong presence guiding the young forwards Sundhage rotated in. It may take some time for Wambach to find her streaky scoring touch within the Swede's new scheme, but there is no doubt she's thrilled to have a supporting cast on offense.

    In the opening match of Four Nations, 20-year-old USC forward Amy Rodriguez opened up a scoreless game with double strikes in her first ever start. Sundhage let Rodriguez run free for all 90 minutes, also starting her against Finland in a show of confidence. "Her speed is exceptional," said Sundhage. "There will be different players stepping up at different times and I think that can be one of our strengths.".... courtesy of
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    Also from that article

    "The back line only allowed one goal in Four Nations, an impressive feat considering two newbies played in place of veteran Cat Whitehill, who didn't see any action due to an ankle injury suffered right before the tournament."
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    Yo Ridge, the backline allowed zero goals. Scurry allowed one that slipped through her mits.

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