Should Israel get rid of its league cup?

Discussion in 'Israel' started by shizzle787, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Only 13 countries had a league cup last year, and Israel was one of them. Personally, I believe league cups are needless exercises to get a little bit extra revenue but end up resulting in injuries and unnecessary squad rotation. Should Israel can its league cup to give it more rest for the league and Europe.
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    An Israeli club who finishes in the Ligat Ha'al top group (the top six clubs play 36 games and the bottom eight clubs play 33 games) and reaches the Final of the State Cup and Toto Cup for Ligat Ha'al (there are separate Toto Cups for the top level and the second level and that's what you called the League Cup) would play 49 games. An English Premier League club that reaches the FA Cup and Capital One Cup Finals would play at least 50 games. Premier League clubs not in UEFA competitions start the Capital One Cup one round earlier than the clubs in UEFA competitions, and a Premier League club could hypothetically play four FA Cup replays, making the maximum be 55 games. This excludes games in UEFA competitions and friendlies.

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