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    Re: Shevchenko wants to play in the US

    Whoops! OK, I was willing to let it stay there because it's at least it's a direct (and unprompted) quote (and to save myself possible future merges), but I agree it's better here, since it's clearly a discussion for down the road.

    At any rate, we don't need a bunch of the threads breeding :)
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    Re: Shevchenko and MLS

    Same here. Born and raised.
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    thats right funny how a few months can stop people from laughing! i thought i would quote myself here. i wrote this in december i beleive. damn I'm good.
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    Re: Shevchenko and MLS

    One more mediocre season & he is either LA or NY bound! Unless he signs with a fellow Russian speaking Dimitry Pitterman in SF......... :D
  6. krayzie

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    Re: Shevchenko and MLS

    For the people who know who Shevchenko is (a fuoriclasse player), there are few chances to see him in MLS anytime soon. For months there have been strong rumours sending him to Italy next season. He's just way too good to sign for MLS right now. His game is way too latin to play in EPL (English soccer is too physical not enough technical for him). And when you add the fact that the whole Chelsea system is strictly based on Drogba.

    Chelsea players never play with him. Probably we'll see him in Italy next season.
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    Re: Shevchenko and MLS


    I'm glad the first post that I have seen from you in months looks like it came from your degree from Obvious University. I'm glad you graduated! We all can't wait to see you next post about how Ronaldinho won't come to MLS this summer, or how Ice Cream is delicious.

    You rock are my bffl xoxoxo
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    Apr 23, 2007
    Andriy Shevchenko says he would like to move to the American MLS league when he leaves Chelsea. Shevchenko's wife Kristen Pazik is American and spent much of her formative years in Washington DC, whose team DC United are among the leading MLS sides.

  9. UFBeezy

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    Jun 21, 2005
    Sheva can still play at a very high level, and in my opinion is at least 5 to 6 years away from signing with the MLS. I realize his wife is American, but European soccer still has a lot to offer him. I would love to see he and Drogba both over here, but it is at least 5 years from happening.
  10. convergecrew

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    I just think its amazing what having a hot wife can do for your European soccer career.:D
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    Well I am a DC fan I would love to see him in the Black and Red, but I harbor no delusions of it actually happening any time soon.
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    So he'll come at 36 years of age? That is just what the MLS needs another over 36 year old star.......but I guess they don't want to emulate the NASL...:rolleyes:
  13. Hartlepool

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    Jan 19, 2006
    Not going to happen anytime soon even though he was quoted "I'd like to play there, actually," Shevchenko told Sports "Soccer is growing in the US and I would like to be a part of that. "

    Also yesterday: To pay for Chelsea's new players, it is expected to sell three other players, but they will not include Andriy Shevchenko or Michael Ballack, chief executive Peter Kenyon told BBC Radio on Sunday.

    I agree with the earlier post it's 2-3 years out and a much older Shevchenko.
  14. art

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    He said he'd like to play in MLS eventually, not when he leaves Chelsea. Almost everyone says they'd like to play in MLS eventually. In Shev's case, I doubt we'll see him here for a few more years, if at all. Who knows though, hot wives can have a particular effect on a man.

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