Sheffield Wednesday Chairman Resigns Amid Controversey

Discussion in 'Other Divisions' started by Anglofile, May 17, 2010.

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    there's a SWFC message board called 'owlstalk', in which there is a thread titled 'who did what?' (or 'who said what?', or something). if one has the patience to weed through some 1500 posts, one can find the most hideous public interactions between footballing brass that i've ever seen. lee strafford and mark corbidge (with a few others drawn in) going back and forth in an inexcusable bitchfest about who did/said what regarding the club's efforts to bring in new investment.

    if you're wendesday, it's embarrassing. if you're not wednesday, it's ... well ... it's embarrassing. it might be difficult to find the interesting parts, though. i'd cite the most pertinent post numbers ... but i'm not going back in there.

    i've a soft spot for wednesday, and know some good fellas up in the blue bit of sheffield ... but that club's got problems.

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