She never said No

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    Oct 3, 2003
    This looks like the other side of the rape story. God only knows who is telling the truth. Rape or not, one can only be disgusted by what some of the football players are up to

    She had sex with all of us.
    No-one forced her.
    She never said No.

    The man who admits having sex with the ‘soccer gang-rape' girl has revealed that it took place during a night of debauchery that shames all football.

    But he insists it wasn't rape— and for the first time tells the men's side of events.

    Party organiser Nicholas Meikle's account details, minute by minute, his version of the night of Friday, September 26, when the 17-year-old girl alleges she was repeatedly attacked by Premiership players. His statement is backed up by a sworn affidavit from another of the men who admits sex with her that night.

    Meikle, a familiar face in clubland and often seen around famous players, claims that he and the others thought the girl was "21 or 22" not 17—and that she was "merry but not drunk" after a night on champagne.

    He insists she made it clear she was ready for sex, that he and three others joined her in various combinations, and that when it was over she dozed off with him and another man in the bed.

    He says they even all had breakfast together and she did not leave them until around 2.30pm the next day. All the men involved in the sex are single and unattached.

    It has been variously reported that the girl has claimed there were up to eight Premiership players involved and she was raped by up to four while others watched.

    It is said she reported the incident to police 16 hours after the attack. According to Meikle, the night began when he, England and Newcastle idol Kieron Dyer, a Chelsea star, another Premiership player from a different club and a friend of Meikle's met up in the bar of London's Grosvenor House Hotel at about 11.30pm.

    Then Dyer-in whose name the hotel rooms had been booked — left them and took no further part in the night's proceedings. He was later pictured at a restaurant called Sketch.


    "Everyone claims an England star was involved," Meikle said. "Not only did Kieron do nothing wrong, he wasn't there at any stage with the girl. I feel so sorry for him.

    "The rest of us ended up in a place called Funky Buddha at about 1am. We had a few bottles of champagne."

    The girl who says she was raped, "was at our table getting cosy with one of our mates then cosy with the Chelsea player," said Meikle. "I can't remember her name."

    He went on: "Eventually I tried chatting her up. She had this short black dress and you could see her underwear. I asked what kind it was and she pulled up her dress to show me. It was black with silver lettering that read something like ‘Xmas present'.

    "She had a few glasses of champagne and then came with us to Browns (another London club)."

    At Browns, Meikle invited the girl back to his hotel.He said they started kissing in the mini cab and continued in his hotel room. Then they both undressed for full sex during which Meikle used a condom. Asked whether the girl suggested he use it, Meikle added: "No. I put one on."

    It was after some minutes of sex, that his pal walked in. "Usually when we go out people always try and get in each other's rooms," he said. "They say things to staff like, ‘I'm locked out of my room, can I have the key'?"

    His pal walked around the bedroom, clearly visible to the girl, said Meikle.


    "Even so, she carried on having sex with me," he insisted. "She didn't tell him to get out. So I thought, ‘Oh she doesn't mind, I don't really care'."

    The man left the bedroom, but Meikle did not hear the outer door close. He added: "I thought, ‘You're seeing if you can get involved'.

    "So I finished and found he was in the corridor by my bathroom. He asks me, ‘What's she saying?'. And I go, ‘Why? Do you reckon you can get involved?' And he told me that in the club he asked her if she liked any one of us and she said, ‘I like all of you'. So I said, ‘Try your luck'.

    Meikle watched as his pal went into the bedroom where the girl was sitting naked on the edge of the bed. The man sat beside her and they chatted. Meikle then went into the bathroom and, shortly after he returned, the Chelsea player entered the bedroom.

    "By the time I looked around my mate is kissing the girl," Meikle went on. "Then she lays back and he starts having sex with her."

    With that the other Premiership player arrived as well—now there were four men.

    "They were stood having a look," Meikle went on. "Then the Chelsea player says to my pal, ‘Go on boy'. She didn't stop. She knew there was other guys in the room now. So then the other player goes, ‘I wanna get involved'."

    The player, he said, exposed himself, and moved in close enough so the girl could perform a sex act on him.

    "No one got heavy with her," Meikle insisted. "This is normal.

    "She didn't say no, she didn't push anyone off."

    It has been reported that the girl had only drunk Coca-Cola that night. But asked if she might have been drunk, Meikle added: "I wouldn't say so...I don't know. She wasn't acting drunk. I did see her drink a couple of glasses of champagne but she was just merry."

    When the other Premiership player stopped, said Meikle, the Chelsea player also had sex with her. His friend moved to one side so the girl could perform a sex act on him while the Chelsea player had full sex with her. Shortly after, said Meikle, the girl had sex with the Chelsea player and his friend.

    Then Meikle and the other Premiership player left the suite and went to the star's room where he had a naked blonde "aged about 24-25" waiting.

    Meikle added: "He must have guessed there was gonna be a girl back at my room.

    "It's not unnatural for everyone in our crowd to have sex with a girl for 15 or 20 minutes and then get up and wonder what the other boys are doing. I tried with the blonde but she wasn't having it so I went back to my room."


    The two men and the girl were still having sex, claimed Meikle.

    He said that sexual activity finished a short while later and both the Chelsea player and his friend got under the covers and the girl joined them.

    As this point, Meikle went on, the girl who alleges rape offered a back massage to the two men and walked on their spines — then Meikle, the Chelsea player and his friend all lay in bed with the girl. "By this time it was about 6.30am," he said, adding that soon after the Chelsea player left because he had a girl in his room too.

    Meikle then said the girl cuddled up to him and his pal in bed and they slept until the Chelsea player knocked on the door at 10.30am to ask them if they fancied breakfast.

    The girl answered the door but he told the player they were all too tired, so the girl went back to bed with the two men and they did not stir until about 1pm when Meikle ordered breakfast.

    The girl, he said, then went to the bathroom and, before the meal could arrive, four men entered the room—the Chelsea player, the other player and two of his friends—one of them the man who had first chatted up the girl the night before.

    It was from this moment, said Meikle, that things soured.

    The men were raucous, crudely discussing the previous night and even throwing the girl's knickers around the room and at each other. "We were doing that for about 15 or 20 minutes and the girl stayed in the bathroom," said Meikle.

    "There was a lot of talking about what the other guys had been doing, like, ‘Yeah I s***ged this bird'. So if you was only hearing bits of it, maybe you'd think it was all about you.

    "Looking back, I suspect she could hear bits of conversation and thought it was about her and we were laughing at her. Even so, when breakfast arrived she stayed to eat.


    "By now it's about 2.20pm and she asks, ‘Can I use your phone to ring for my mate to pick me up?'"

    He said the girl agreed to wait for her pal in the reception area while he rushed to pack. But by the time he got downstairs, his pals had left and the girl was still there.

    Meikle added: "I said to her, ‘I've got to catch my mates, bye and that'. I never saw her again. Asked if he thought she'd have seen his pals while she waited downstairs, Meikle added: "Yes. I asked them if they saw her and they did."

    And would Kieron Dyer have been among them by this time? "Yeah, definitely," said Meikle.

    "But the next thing I know on Monday was ‘eight Premiership players raping a girl'.

    "We never held her down. No one forced her. She gave us oral sex. And there weren't eight of us in total, never mind eight Premiership footballers! And none of us were claiming to be footballers.

    "And we never knew she was 17. She looked 21-22. After all, she was in a top club dressed up to the nines.

    "I can't understand how she can cry rape and stay overnight until the afternoon."

    Meanwhile, media guru Max Clifford has agreed to act as an advisor to the girl. But he stressed: "This is not about selling a story.

    "This is purely about getting justice. There have been no conversations at all about selling her story."
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    Oct 3, 2003
    They call it 'roasting'

    SOCCER RAPE CONFESSION EXCLUSIVE: 'It's quite normal for footballers to have group sex...

    'They call it 'roasting'

    The soccer-rape allegations have exposed an appalling new sex culture among young football stars called ‘roasting'.

    It is based on seducing girls with huge shows of wealth then taking them back to hotel rooms and degrading them with group sex and partner swapping.

    "Roast, like a chicken," said party organiser Nicholas Meikle, distastefully describing a girl as a piece of meat. "It gets stuffed."


    Revealing a world far removed from the fans whose ticket money pays stars' wages, Meikle revealed: "It's not unusual for a girl to s**g all of us, no. But it's the first time I've been caught up in this sort of scandal."

    Meikle insisted that many of the players he knew would regard it as ‘normal' to share or ‘roast' a girl.

    Asked how often he had been on roasting expeditions this year, he added offhandedly: "Probably at least seven, eight this year, maybe nine times...definitely."

    And claiming that girls make all the running, he went on: "I've noticed a change in the last three or four years. Girls are more up for it nowadays than ever before. Orgies are definitely happening."

    He makes no mention of the fact that many girls — who all start out in individual rooms with men they initially believe want only them for the night — may feel they are obliged to join in group sex and ‘have fun' when other men arrive.

    A ‘roasting' night usually starts with a group of young players and their friends taking over the best possible table in a club or bar — ideally in the VIP area.

    "Footballers are like pop stars. Girls know they've got money and are so attracted to wealth and celebrity it's unbelievable," said Meikle.

    And it's not just a London phenomenon. "I've been to Manchester, Leeds, Ipswich, Newcastle, even Bournemouth," he added. "It doesn't really make any difference."

    But describing one city with a team of household name stars who have played in Cup Finals and in Europe, Meikle said: "That place is the worst for it. I went there and there were loads of girls in the hotel.


    "They were going in the rooms and we were nipping in after them and having sex with them. Then we'd go in another guy's room and have sex with his girl. I s***ged six girls in one night in the hotel.

    "We had loads of girls...must have been about 10 of us had rooms on the same floor. We were there for four or five days, there was no game or something, and we were having a ‘Mad One'...a few girls, a few laughs, crazy stuff happened.

    "Yes, swapping happens. Or a guy would come into the room and bring a girl and jump into the bed together. I'd be in bed with a girl and the door would open and someone would jump on it, wake us up and next thing I'd know they'd be having sex with the girl and I'd say, ‘B*****d!' Unbelievable stuff.

    "That city is the best place to go. It has the easiest girls, maybe because the club is so big there."

    He added: "I've had about nine roasts this year. A lot of my friends get involved, that's the way it is.

    "I also remember in January I was in Dublin with about 10 mates and we arrived at the hotel and were going to our rooms when I saw these two girls in the doorway of their room. I said ‘Hello' and they were really fit, but I carried on and went to my room.

    "That night we went out clubbing and were making a bit of noise going back to our rooms. When we passed the girls' room they opened the door and invited us for a drink.

    "We all raided the minibar and ended up roasting them. There's about four or five of us on each one. We never instigated it at all.

    "Bournemouth is another place where the girls are well up for it. Five of us roasted a woman we pulled in a club.

    "She came back to our hotel with her friends and we all had a few drinks and chatted for a while. Then her mates went home, but she stayed. She was a great roast.


    "And there are loads of girls in Leeds. We ended up back in a hotel again with two girls and there were three of us. But this one we called a mini-roast. The girls stayed until five or 6am and everyone had a go on everyone."

    Meikle added: "On each roasting incident I've described there were footballers involved. The last two years, three years, have been phenomenal on that side of things, it's been crazy.

    "Before, I didn't get involved in sharing girls. But the more I've moved around with footballers, the more I've seen they just share their girls around."

    Meikle insists that roasting is mainly the preserve of the new, young stars — flash, rich and directionless. "There's a generation of young players coming up now who are all doing it, white guys just as much as black guys," he said.

    "Players who are 26, 27, or 28 are definitely different. But football has got so big that the new generation can do it. In the last five years particularly, football's got more ‘celebrity' than ever.

    "It's a 50/50 chance that if someone walked up to a girl in club and said a soccer star wants to s**g them, they'd say, ‘Oh really, does he?'

    "It happens all the time because generally, especially when footballers are involved, girls throw themselves at you all the time anyway. If you're well known, it just happens.

    "I'm in a slightly different position because I run party nights and such like. I get lots of girls being overly friendly to me all the time because I can get them into clubs and things.

    "But you're more appealing when you hang around with celebrities.

    "It appeals to a lot of the girls, because they're all about materialism and money and fame— a lot of the girls like that, especially the ones on the clubbing scene.

    "If you buy a bottle of champagne, or a couple of bottles, you see the girls inching their way toward you and wanting to be on your table, especially if you have a nice table in a nice club.

    "Girls are so much like that, it's unbelievable. And if you're a footballer you just click your fingers." Meikle clicked his fingers to show what he meant, then added: "Even if a player's not a household name, women still flock around. It's just the fact he's a footballer, basically.

    "I see girls I've known for ages and I might want a thing with them and they make me wait for ages to get a date with them. Then I see them go to my footballing mates and these blokes get through straight away.

    "Money? They love it, they absolutely love it.

    "Because they're footballers, or anyone with money on that scene, it will generally attract those sorts of girls, those sorts who are more naturally going to do these sorts of things.


    "The ones who get attracted by the money, the fame—they're the kind of girls who are a lot easier to get."

    But despite his experience of roasting, Meikle insisted that on the night of the rape allegation he had taken the girl to his room to sleep with her alone...and did not realise that he was about to share her.

    "Still, that sort of thing happens," he shrugged. "My door gets opened up and they just walk in.

    "But they're used to that—they do it all the time, they're in each other's rooms all the time.

    "The night was nothing special until the rape allegation — by far was it not far."
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    Even if it turns out it's this, and not rape, this is terribly tasteless.

    Does celebrity really turn people into such pigs?

    I have to reasses being a fan - I mean, I don't expect heroes, but I'd at least like to consider those I cheer for to be decent human beings.
  4. TheBee

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    Oct 3, 2003
    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Marvellous Hairwould

    Oct 1, 2003
    I share the thoughts of the both of you. What kind of people does all this money and fame breed?
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    Ya, my god, people going around having sex when they're single. How shameful and horrible to carry on like that without the pope's blessing. I told you all this world was coming to an end when single guys started oogling single women. Now look where it's all ended up.
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    Yar, multiple guys on a 17-year old they picked up that night - who'd have any objection to that? If she was your daughter, or your sister - you wouldn't have any problem with that as long as she was single? If she wasn't drunk, they apparently were, and perhaps too out of it to bother notice if she was having a problem with any of it.
    This guy apparently wasn't even there the whole time - how does he know if at any point she DID say no, and they just weren't having it?
    Plus, other news reports differ and the investigation is still ongoing to whether or not it was in fact a gang-rape versus this, a gang-bang.

    It could be a story spread to make the footballers sound naughty, but not criminal.
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    May 6, 2003
    Why is consential sex between two adults wrong ? OK you may find it tasteless, but it's the way of the world for many youngsters and the way it's always been. The main reason as I see it is in the new found "freedom" that women now enjoy. I agree with the article when it states that women are too attracted to fame and wealth. But has it ever been any different ? They wont admit it but women place status and wealth very high on the priority list when it comes to choosing a partner. And to all the nice guys out there without any of that, well I guesss thats tough !
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    Oh please! I doubt people here are against sex and enjoyment. But this is degrading to women. They get them in their rooms thinking they will have sex with one guy when in the end are being shared around like a peace of meat. Perhaps even raped. They are so full of themselves, God knows if they understand No means No.

    This is not enjoyment but humilation.

    I am not saying women are not into group sex. But this girl clearly didn't go into the room to have group sex. She way set up big time.

    They guy telling this story clearly has no respect towards women. If he is not ashamed to say what he said (knowing the whole country will read it), then you can only imagine what he is doing behind closed door.

    Party organiser??? What kind of a profession is that? To me it sounds like he is a first class pimp.

    He is not telling the truth. First he said he organised this party (clearly meaning group sex) and later said he took her to the room to have sex with her not knowing others will join. What did he organise then? The transport from the club to the hotel. Do players really need such service? Or perhaps he really is a pimp. But of course party organiser sounds much nicer.
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    Oct 3, 2003
    This was not consential sex between two adults.
    This was sex between one young girl (not adult but not a child either) and four, five, six, seven or eight men. Men who were very drunk, have huge egos and I doubt hear a word No.

    I am not saying this was a rape. But the girl was set up, tricked, perhaps even rape.

    This guy clearly tried to make this "an innocent party". I will never believe this is the truth.
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    Jun 3, 2002
    Los Angeles
    As opposed to choosing many partners at once? It's not at all clear she "chose" any but one, the others there seem to have pushed themselves on her - how willingly she went along is debatable.

    Stop the terminology of consenting adults as if it was just two people who met up and decided to shag.

    She was NOT an adult - people should know enough in these days to check. Don't they have statuatory in England?

    The women may be seduced by the glamor and the wealth, but nothing in the article indicates they're up for gang-bangs. It seems like they agree to go with one footballer and the others just intrude - she may be embarassed or pressured to be "cool" about it. That's manipulative, at the least.

    Finally, in this day and age - sex such as this is simply dangerous - and always moreso for the female.
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    Feb 14, 2003
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    I had a friend who was charged with rape. He and the girl were drunk, had sex, and the next morning when she realized what happened, she accused him of rape. I know that its part of the law here that says if you are drunk, you can't give consent.

    Charges were dropped, btw, but he still left the school.
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    Oct 3, 2003
    Again I agree with you. If everything in this story is true, she was very much pressured into doing it. But of course this can not be the one and only truth. Perhaps the reality is somewhere between his and her story.

    Or perhaps the guy is just trying to ruin the proceedings by going to the press. And sex definetely took place and they are worried about the DNA.

    One more thing... One of the footballers took pictures with his digital camera (on the phone). This was said by the police. Do you think she would also allow that? Her pictures is such positions being showed around.
  14. Rambler

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    May 6, 2003
    Well, I have to say, I have no sympathy for these women. They are obviously Gold digging tramps, and thus can expect to be treated as such. Call me a bastard if you will
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    Don't drink beer but like cheese
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    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    For what I say, consentual sex is not what is being said to be wrong. Gang rape is what is said to be wrong. Confusing, isn't it?

    Incorrect. That has only occurred in the last 100 or so, mainly since the end of WWII, primarily in last 40. Of course, I assume you're talking about youngsters having consentual sex...As for it being tasteless, try not to force your sexual opinion on me or any of my female friends.

    It always has been, to some extent. But only since WWI, and again mainly since WWII. This "freedom" (as you put it) also allows women to move upward in business and politics on a degree that has only happened regularly in the last century

    Women place a partner (if they choose) that allow them to persue their "freedoms." A partner allows them to do that more easily. Status? That you must define. And I am an nice guy, and I have a woman who is persuing her "freedom," appearantly much to your surprise.

    Now please put on your reading glasses and check the date in your newspaper....or are you Thomas Flannagan reincarnated?
  16. Femfa

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Let me guess, you're from the school of "she asked for it" if the woman wears a short skirt and a thong and dares to flirt.

    Accordingly, any women who goes with a guy to his room can expect to have granted permission to as many of his mates as care to join in? Or is it rather that being impressed by money and fame (whoo, what a crime!) is the license given to take every advantage?

    Interesting that you started the accusations of prudery with "what's wrong with consenting adults" and now have moved on to "they're tramps, and thus can expect no courtesy and protection of their rights"

    Maybe they're starry-eyed young ladies who are really charmed by a football star and willing to share themselves with him - does that make them tramps? And when drunk and probably not fully aware, they get set upon by other men at the same time, is that something they agreed to? In many cases, it probably isn't.

    With true consent - well, that's a swingers club, or orgiesRus, or taking out an ad that reads, "Wealthy man looking for harem who loves to please him and his friends. Serious calls only." Or if she says, with witnesses, "Group sex? Great! I'm curious - give me the time and place and I'm there!"
  17. TheBee

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    Oct 3, 2003
    I wouldn't know how to start...
  18. Rambler

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    May 6, 2003
    No I am from the school of if you go back to a players Hotel room, after flashing him your underwear and getting off with multiple persons in the Bar beforehand (read the article again) then you are asking for it.

    Not any woman no. Just women like the one mentioned in the article. Regarding being impressed by money and fame, well if you are that shallow a person then dont come running to me for sympathy or respect, thats all i am saying.

    There is nothing wrong with consenting, casual sex from the point of the Law is what I am saying. I dont think she has a chance in Hell of getting a conviction against these men. She'll have to put this one down to expreience, one of lifes little lessons. A hard one at that ;-)
  19. TheBee

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    Oct 3, 2003
    Of course there will not be a conviction. Justice can never be done here. If guilty, they will get away with it. They are football players. If it had been any of you guys involved you'd have been arrested within an hour of the victim giving her statement, your houses would have been searched and your clothing taken away for analysis. If you were lucky, you'd have then been
    bailed until a later date. But because its half the xyz team involved, they will get
    a polite request being made to their solicitors, that they turn up at a time convenient to them, to tell their side of the story.
    And of course, there's no chance whatsover that they've all got together in the meantime to ensure they are all singing from the same hymnsheet.
    You'd have been kept in isolation to ensure this couldn't be done of course.
  20. soccernutter

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    Aug 22, 2001
    Don't drink beer but like cheese
    Tottenham Hotspur FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    there you have it, no matter what the woman does, they still treat her like she is an object.
  21. tpmazembe

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    Jun 13, 2002
    The Midfield (S.Fla)
    We have no idea whether a rape was committed or not.

    If it is proven that she at anytime was forced to do something against her will, they should all be locked up for a good long matter how popular or rich.

    However, I'm surprised at at this "shocked" attitude around group sex involving men with money and fame, and the women who help indulge their appetites.

    One need go no further than biographies of various members of famous/admired rock groups, or any number of other artists who routinely participated in such trysts as young men. Its not a footballer's phenomenon, and it is not recent. And, it is not necessarily evidence of some deep character flaw -- IF it is consentual.

    What of the women who routinely, willingly put themselves in these positions (I'm being specific here to those who engage in consentual group sex, not a "she asked for it" proposition) ? They may be a minority, but they do exist! Are all such acts by definition acts of violence? Being treated "like a peace of meat" is not illegal if one consents to it, or is it? Can it be argued that a groupie uses famous sex partners as peaces of meat as well?

    In summary, the group sex aspect to this doesn't bother me in the least bit; the possibility that she may have been forced into it appalls me to no end. If they forced her they should fry.
  22. Isisbud

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    Mar 10, 2003

    Apparently you're not much of a student of history. Ever hear of Greece and Rome? You do know that orgies were standard fare after a dinner party?

    Egyptians queens with male concubines in the hundreds///

    Ever study the debauchery the 7th-11th century Popes participated in? Keeping dungeons of teenaged boys and girls as sex slaves?

    You know, the Marque de Sacde wrote several hundred years ago...but he wasn't in a vacuum--people were havinig anal/oral/group sex far longer than Sade putting it on paper.

    Ever hear of vamps? in the 20's.
    Ever hear of the 60's?


    This girl did:

    Firstly, she's a gold-digging tramp.
    Sucked several dudes c0cks while she was getting focked. (I'm pretty sure rapists don't try to get BJ's, as they don't want it bitten off).
    Gave two guys shiatsu massages AFTER the orgy.
    Fell asleep between two of the "rapists."
    Went to breakfast with the "rapists."

    I know...i know....all male on female sex is rape to some of you...that's what you get on a message board with WUSA fans on it.


    By the way, orgies are back. It's hip for girls to watch porn these days. Yes, those T-shirts that girls wear in clubs (Brittany Spears made famous) that say "Porn Star" or "Slut,"---aren't just T-shirts....
  23. TheBee

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    Oct 3, 2003

    How do we know she sucked their dicks? That she gave them a massage? And later slept with them. Why would we believe him? Why would we not believe her but trust his word is the one and only truth. Is he an upstanding young gentleman or something? Reading between the lines, this guy is nothing but a pimp.
  24. Isisbud

    Isisbud New Member

    Mar 10, 2003
    Your justice? I think justice would be if this slut gets several STD's.

    You are sickening. You are presumptuous. Get a life.
  25. KenC

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    Jun 11, 2003
    As several have pointed out this "roast" was setup, and a common pattern of behavior amongst the men in this social crowd. Presumably the girl knew nothing of the "roasting", and the footballers should not have just assumed that she was part of this social crowd that routinely practiced "roasting". Just because other women are willing "roasters" doesn't mean that any woman that they pull are going to be willing "roasters". And the way the story is told, it seems quite clear that the footballers see "roasting" as a sort of game and don't ask, but put the women in a difficult situation, where refusing seems quite difficult.

    I recall in school, how guys would "sandwich" a girl, and the more you struggled the more physical the "sandwiching" got, and the best way out, was to just go along with it.

    It's not at all difficult to imagine that a young immature woman with stars in her eyes, confused when a group of other men join in, going thru the sexual motions, and not knowing what to do to get out of her predicament, and trying to act cool the whole time, while being massively confused, as the much more mature men act as if this is all just normal. It's sad, really, for the girl, and for the footballers. Seems to happen every few years in college, where a young woman gets in over her head with a group of men, athletes in particular.

    As the culture of celebrity seems to be growing, I guess these sorts of scandals will only become increasingly common.

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