Shahrokhi: "Playin in PAS requires LOVE"

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    Aug 7, 2001
    Taken from:
    "Homayon Shahrokhi, Pas coach, expressed his satisfaction of Khodadad Azizi, Rasoul Khatibi and Nima Nakisa's performance. He told reporters: "Morality is very important to me. Being the 4th team in tournaments with good behavior and high level of morality is better than standing on the First platform without any moralities. In this club, discipline is a very important factor and controls by managers staff and specially an administrator, thus we don't have any specific problem now.
    He specified that: "Some people have skill in marketing and even suggest high sum of money. But Be sure! Pas is
    not going to pay these kinds of money. Pas is such a team which playing in it requires "love".
    Shahrokhi added: "I haven't seen any mistake or disorder from Nakisa, Khatibi and Khodadad. lacking of discipline does not exist among them. They have moral differences in comparison with others. For instance: Khodadad is very brilliant, he perceive his surroundings very well. He also is very popular. He has special character which newspapers love! And about Nakisa I should mention that he is the best one in the field of technical and morality. Khatibi, also, is our treasure. We have no problem with him. Our relation is like a teacher and student."

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