SFA whistler rules forcing McCurry out

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    Football: SFA whistler rules forcing McCurry out

    Excerpts from the DailyRecord:
    TOP whistler Mike McCurry last night admitted he is on the verge of quitting the game because he's grown disillusioned with robotic referees.

    ...The referee said: "At the moment I'm undecided over anything and everything to do with being a referee. Mid-season is not the best time to come to a hard and fast decision about my future but I will know my own mind better in May when the season ends."

    ...He said: "I've survived all of the so called chaos games I was ever given to handle and I thrived on doing the' Old Firm derby.

    "I know I've been mentally tough enough to sustain a refereeing career at the highest level. What I don't know is whether I want to go on doing it under the present circumstances. The fans want to see greater consistency and I can't fully agree with the application of certain laws. There are more and more cards being handed out on a technicality today.

    ..."The referee's voice has got to be heard on what's going on in the game.

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    Good find, but the article didn't give much detail for those not aware.
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    Like me!! Any background on this? What is he so upset about?
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    Nov 28, 2005
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    The only thing I can find is that he's mad at the way SFA is instructing it's referees, none of the articles I found go into any detail though.

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