Seeking Advice About Possible Political Science Jobs Other Than Lawyers and Elected People In Office

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by EvanJ, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Is anybody here a Political Scientist? I have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a minor in Political Science. I have read a lot of political science books, and I could provide a list of what I read to a potential employer. I found 40 journal articles that I have not read yet that I am interested in. The titles of these articles can give you a sense of what I am interested in:

    A Court for the One Percent- How the Supreme Court Contributes to Economic Inequality

    A District at a Time: Electoral Implications of Widespread Adoption of the Congressional District Method (or Congressional District) for Allocating Electors

    A Vote Cast; A Vote Counted- Quantifying Voting Rights through Proportional Representation in Congressional Elections

    Applying Voice Recognition to Vox Populi- State Transition Models in the Study of Public Opinion and Political Communication

    Ballot Speech

    Competing Approaches to Forecasting Elections- Economic Models, Opinion Polling and Prediction Markets

    Computerization and Wage Dispersion: An Analytical Reinterpretation

    Do Voters Care About Incumbency?

    Does the Public Care Whether the Court is Political?

    Equality Among Equals: Is the Senate Cloture Rule Unconstitutional?

    Explaining Rising Income and Wage Inequality Among the College Educated

    Gains and Gaps- Changing Inequality in U.S. College Entry and Completion

    If Democracies Need Informed Voters, How Can They Thrive While Expanding Enfranchisement?

    In Defense of Ideology- A Principled Approach to the Supreme Court Confirmation Process

    Introduction: The Place of Agencies in Polarized Government

    Investigating the Impact of Historical Factors on the Present Level of Income Inequality in the United States

    News Coverage of US Presidential Campaigns- Reporting on Primaries and General Elections, 1988-2012

    Newspaper Coverage of Presidential Campaigns, 1888-2008

    Optimal Campaigning in Presidential Elections- The Probability of Being Florida

    Political Participation and the ‘Feeling of Doing’- The Causes and Consequences of Perceptions of Political Control

    Presidential Appointments and Policy Priorities

    Pressure Groups and Political Advertising- How Uninformed Voters Can Use Strategic Rules of Thumb

    Public Policy, Higher Education, and Income Inequality in the U.S.- Have We Reached Diminishing Returns

    Should the Law Do Anything About Economic Inequality?

    Teaching Race, Wealth and Inequality in American Politics at Liberal Arts Colleges and Beyond

    The Dark Side of the Vote - Biased Voters, Social Information, and Information Aggregation Through Majority Voting

    The Impact of Implicit Racial Bias on the Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion

    The New Inequality- Constitutional Democracy and the Problem of Wealth

    The Puzzling Persistence of Process-Based Federalism Theories

    The Rise and Rise of the One Percent: Considering Legal Causes of Inequality

    The Senate is Supposed to Advise and Consent, Not Obstruct and Delay

    The Swing Voters' Blessing

    The Top One Percent and Exploitation Measures

    The Unconstitutionality of the Filibuster

    Unequal Incomes, Ideology and Gridlock- How Rising Inequality Increases Political Polarization

    What Do Americans Talk About When They Talk About Income Inequality?

    Whose Economy? Perceptions of National Economic Performance During Unequal Growth

    Why the National Popular Vote Compact Is Unconstitutional

    Will of the Minority: Rule of Four on the United States Supreme Court

    Would You Ask Turkeys to Mandate Thanksgiving? The Dismal Politics of Legislative Transparency
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    Where I live most people would go for PR jobs.
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    Nah, most of the people here are armchair political scientists with potty mouths.

    I'd suggest moving to the DC area and hooking up with a campaign or think tank. Seriously, a cousin of average intellect has done very well for himself there the last 20 years. Even this guy made out:
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    Someone with a minor in political science and a major in econ can do basic econometrics and communicate those findings to a political audience. They ought to know how to write as well, having pursued social science degrees.

    Really, do whatever you want. Econometrics + writing skills = new baseline for employment.
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    Not just DC. Head to a bigger state capitol. The best campaign work is also found out in the hinterlands, not in DC.

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