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Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by Zak, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Zak

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    Feb 18, 2002
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    Andrulis Out! is coming to Soldier Field, as some of you may know, the locker rooms, and press conference room are within earshot of the west side stairs that go up to the north side of Crew Stadium. If it's possible, could someone pm me or post whether there is a similar case in Soldier Field. Is there an area where travelling players/staff come off the busses that a demo could take place. Is there even a shot of this coming off at SF? I've no experience with your security set up, are we going to be booted straight away?
  2. DeGregorus

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    Oct 24, 1999
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  3. Zak

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    Feb 18, 2002
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    That's a possiblility, do they have a policy concerning banner size? Crew have instituted one this season in an effort to keep anti-Andrulis sentiment out of the public eye.
  4. bing1985

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    Jun 14, 2004
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    I was walking from north to south along the eastern edge of SF on Saturday night and at the north east corner of the stadium there is a large ramp into the underground service and parking entrance. I saw a big luxury coach parked off to the side and I said to my kids, "I bet that's the bus that New England took from their hotel." I can't confirm that it was or was not, but it would seem logical. Maybe someone else can confirm.

    Anyway, there's a walkway and railing directly above this ramp. It's also quite possible that they drive the bus right into the stadium bowels, in which case, only the driver is going to see your demonstration - and he's not likely to care.

    IF that is where the coach comes and IF they get out and walk into the stadium from where I saw the coach parked....You'd get a good chance to yell at people from that walkway. THat's a lot of IF. And your timing would have to be pretty excellent as I expect the CPD to be extra belligerent with the big stars in town and in the wake of recent events.

    BTW - sorry about the sad state of affairs. As a former Columbus resident with fond memories I think Crew fans deserve better. Maybe if we run the score up that will get it done. :D
  5. genpabloescobar

    Feb 17, 2002
    I think Bing hits it squarely on the head...whatever the usual security set-up is at Soldier Field for a Fire-Crew game, you can at least triple it because of Real Madrid coming in. And even if they were within earshot, you'd have to fit all the tweenage girls standing there trying to get a glimpse of Beckham.
  6. ArsenalGooner

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    Jul 4, 2001
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    Bus loads/unloads underneath Soldier Field. The only place the players/coaches would even see you is at the gate leading to the loading bay on the east side of the stadium...
  7. genpabloescobar

    Feb 17, 2002
    Well, considering Andrulis is apparently fired, this is no longer an issue.

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