schrimage game this Friday?

Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by 1Bri Fanatic333, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. 1Bri Fanatic333

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    Jul 12, 2000
    I was looking at my dailt planner that I have fron SJSU. (When you buy a certain amounts in books, you get one for a dollar) Well, n it, it has the days that there are happenings at Spartan Stadium, when the football team plays away, or home...and so forth for all the sports teams.
    Well, on this Friday (the 6th) it says "Spartan stadium: Earthquakes Soccer v. Cal State Monterey Bay, TBD"

    I looked for the weekly update on the site, but had no luck in finding one for this week. Does anybody know anything about this?
  2. ilovesjquakes13

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    Jul 25, 2002
    Los Gatos/San Jose
    Yeah I saw that in my planner and I heard it was going to be at Spartan Stadium around the time they practice. But I am not completely sure! You might want to call Spartan Athletics.
  3. 1Bri Fanatic333

    1Bri Fanatic333 New Member

    Jul 12, 2000
    I want it to be at like noon, so that I can go after class.
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    The team normally practices sometime after 10:00 am. I'm thinking this will be very short since the Crew could be practicing afterwards.

    The best tip is to (1) check with the Quakes by phone or on their website or (2) just show up at that time. The ones who have seen them practice will know they show up at Spartan the day before a game. Since a lot of people are at work or at school, there isn't too many hanging out, except the ones who work at the stadium or the fans who are lucky to check out the team.

    The team certainly doesn't throw their schudules off the track, compared to the Sharks or others.

    If you have free time, go!

  5. SoCcErHyPeR 2

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    Aug 6, 1999
    San Jose, CA
  6. 1Bri Fanatic333

    1Bri Fanatic333 New Member

    Jul 12, 2000
    yeah, it says both in my planer Rita...or i guess, all of the above.

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