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    On his quintet of starters for the 9/21 game at PGE Park in Portland: "I’m happy for them. It’s a nice reflection on the team. It certainly reflects the hard work they’ve put in and the season they’ve had. I think it’s a nice honor for them."

    On Melissa finally getting props: "Melissa’s worked pretty hard on her game. I’m really happy that she is getting some recognition. It seemed like, obviously, our backline and our midfield were given an awful lot of credit for the defending, which I think was fair. But I also think Melissa’s quite a good keeper. It’s nice to see her being recognized for the work and the effort she put in because I do think she is a good keeper."

    On Jen Tietjen: "(She) comes to practice everyday working hard and with a thirst for knowledge and wants to be the best she can. She really trains and plays hard every time she’s on the field. She’s also developed into a very good leader and is a great communicator.”

    And Benny: "Benson is very gifted and is a true soccer player. She’s technical and her defending has gotten better. Her ability to read the play in defense has gotten better as well."

    On Lorrie: "Game in and game out, Fair always holds the same level. She’s as hard a working player as there is in the league for sure. She continues to improve and work hard. The qualities she has are undeniable. She’s the hardest working player on the team for sure and it’s nice to see hard workers rewarded for that."

    Marinette: "It’s just been a great year for Pichon. She’s continued to lead the French team toward the World Cup as well too. So it’s been a great year for her. She did a real nice job for us. She helped to carry our attack for a long stretch of the season. She’s again been rewarded with a nice honor."

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