Saudi World Cup squad question?

Discussion in 'Asian Football Confederation' started by McAvennie, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. McAvennie

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    Nov 26, 2004
    Wycombe, UK

    I am trying to compile some information on the Saudi Arabia World Cup squad, unfortunately FIFA's website seems to have about a hundred different spellings for each player. I have found from a few websites some details on certain players and have managed to come up with this list.

    Does anyone know a good English language website for news about the Saudi national side? Are there any players I have listed below who are actually the same person!?! I assumed Saleh Al-Saqri and Safeh Al-Sagri were the same person.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give! :)

    GK AL-SHARIFI, Mohammed Al-Nasr
    GK ZAID, Mabrouk Al-Ittihad 11/2/79
    GK BABKR, Mohammed Al-Nasr 15/1/73
    GK AL-MUGREN, Rashed Al-Shabab 1/7/77
    GK AL-EISA, Hamad

    DF AL-DOSARI, Ahmed Dukhi Al-Hilal 25/10/76
    DF FALLATHA, Redha Al-Ittihad 29/11/75
    DF AL-MONTASHARI, Hamad Al-Ittihad 22/6/82
    DF AL-QADI, Naif Al-Ahly 3/4/79
    DF AL-KHAIBARI, Saoud Abdulaziz Al-Ahly 12/8/80
    DF AL-ABDALI, Ali Al-Ahly 1/7/79
    DF SULIMANI, Hussein Al-Ahly, EGY 23/1/77
    DF HAGAWI, Jaber Al-Qadisiya
    DF AL-ABDULLA, Saheb Al-Ahly 1/7/77
    DF AL-HARBI, Osama 16/5/84
    DF JAHDALI, Walid Al-Ahly 1/6/82
    DF FALLATA, Fahad Al-Shabab 12/2/82
    DF ALTHAGAFI, Mansour Al-Nasr 14/1/79
    DF AL-BAHRI, Ahmed Al-Ittifaq 18/9/80

    MF AL-SHAHRANI, Ibrahim Al-Ittihad 21/7/74
    MF NOOR, Mohammed 26/2/78
    MF KHARIRI, Saud Ali 3/7/80
    MF ABUSHGEER, Manaf Al-Ittihad
    MF OWAIRAN, Khamis Al-Ittihad 8/9/73
    MF AL-SAQRI, Saleh Al-Ittihad 23/1/79
    MF AL-JANOUBI, Abdulaziz Al-Nasr 20/7/74
    MF AL-GIZANI, Waleed Al-Ahly 10/10/82
    MF AL-SHLOUB, Mohammed Al-Hilal 8/12/80
    MF AL-DOSARI, Saeed Al-Ahly
    MF AUTEF, Abdoh Al-Shabab 2/4/84
    MF AL-GHANNAM, Abdullatif Al-Shabab 16/8/85
    MF AL-SUWAILH, Ahmed Al-Hilal 14/5/86
    MF AL-SAEED, Mishal Al-Ittihad
    MF AL-HARTHI, Meshal Al-Najma
    MF AL-SAHRANI, Hussein
    MF AL-HARTHI, Saad Al-Nasr 8/7/82
    MF AL-JASSAM, Taiseer Al-Ahly 25/7/84
    MF AL-MOHAMMADI, Saleh Al-Ahly 10/7/80
    MF AL-THAKER, Khaled
    MF SHARIFY, Hadi
    MF AL-SHAMRANI, Nassir Al-Wahda 3/1/83
    MF AL-KHATHRAN, Abdulaziz 31/7/73
    MF HAIDAR, Mohammed

    ST AL-QAHTANI, Yasser Al-Qadisiya 10/10/82
    ST AL-DOSARI, Bander Tamim Al-Nasr 5/3/82
    ST AL-MESHAL, Talal Saeed Al-Ahly 7/6/78
    ST AL-BASHAH, Yusri Al-Ittifaq 20/7/79
    ST AL-OTAIBI, Marzouq Al-Ittihad 7/11/75
    ST AL-DOSARI, Abdullah Jamaan Al-Hilal 10/11/77
    ST KHOJAH, Mohammad
    ST AL-BISHI, Abdulrahman Al-Nasr 1/7/82
    ST AL-JABER, Sami Al-Hilal 11/11/72
  2. Saudi Bill

    Saudi Bill New Member

    Aug 6, 2001
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    DF AL-ABDULLA, Saheb Al-Ahly 1/7/77

    He is a defender not a goal keeper. Wait he could be a MF player to.

    As for english sites, I dont know dedicated english sites, but has an english forum.

    If u dont mind me asking, why gather this detailed info.
  3. McAvennie

    McAvennie Member

    Nov 26, 2004
    Wycombe, UK
    Basically because I am a stats nerd, but also because I work for a football magazine and want to make sure that we can produce the most correct and comprehensive World Cup 2006 guide!
    Bugs me when magazine's have lame coverage of the less well known teams, i.e. most magazine's will have Al-Jaber as the main star for Saudi Arabia as he is the only one they know, despite the fact that Mabrouk Zaid or Yasser Al-Qahtani are arguably the players to keep an eye on in Germany.
  4. HiJazzey

    HiJazzey Member

    Jan 29, 2002
    Al Ittihad Jeddah
    This was the squad for the last set of internationals (I've removed players who were later dropped like Hussein Abdulghani etc...):


    Mabrouk Zayed - Ittihad
    Hassan alOtaibi - Hilal
    Mohammed Khoja - Ohod


    Hamad alMontasheri - Ittihad
    Redha Tokar [Falatta] - Ittihad
    Nayef alQadi - Ahli
    Hadi Sehreifi - Nassr
    Ahmad alBahri - Ittifaq
    Abdulaziz alKhathran - Hilal


    Khaled Aziz - Hilal
    Manaf AbuShgeir - Ittihad
    Saheb alAbdullah - Ahli
    Saud Kariri - Ittihad
    Mohammed aShalhoub - Hilal
    Taiseer alJassem - Ahli
    Bandar Tamim - Nassr
    Ibrahim Suwayyed [aShahrani] - Ittihad
    Mohammed Amin [Haidar] - Ittihad (although naturally a striker)


    Yasser alQahtani - Qadessia [moving to Hilal]
    Sami alJaber - Hilal
    Saad alHarthi - Nassr
  5. DemmahoM

    DemmahoM Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    New Haven CT
    I am still wondering why Calderon hasn't picked Mohammed Noor and Ahmad Al Dookhi to play.. :confused:
  6. Saudi64

    Saudi64 Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    Riyadh KSA
    Al Shabab Riyadh
    Nat'l Team:
    Saudi Arabia
    All the team is really stars, but the important and main players are Sami AlJaber, Yasser AlQahtani, Hamad AlMontashri, and Mabrouk Zayed.
  7. Saudi64

    Saudi64 Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    Riyadh KSA
    Al Shabab Riyadh
    Nat'l Team:
    Saudi Arabia
    Also Talal AlMeshal (Ahli) for Attack, he was on the team in the last 2 games but didn't participate yet.
  8. HiJazzey

    HiJazzey Member

    Jan 29, 2002
    Al Ittihad Jeddah
    That's right, he was a late call up.

    As for important players. To me, the most important player in the team right now is Saud Kariri. He controls the midfield.
  9. DemmahoM

    DemmahoM Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    New Haven CT
    I wonder if Temyat will get a call up, he seems to be close to a hundred percent and he scored a great goal against Al Ahli in the Arab CL...

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