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    Jun 10, 2001
    As I've mentioned before on here my dad is a soccer player, and has participated in the SJSG for the past three years. Well, the soccer tournament went on this saturday. I didn't go because of previous plans, but my mom had called me from there and she was like " Hey, I told you that you should have tagged along. There some Earthquakes players here." I was like "What?" She said that Manny Hernandez, Paul something and some other guy were there. I was like "Uhhh...." She explained they were PARTICIPATING in the event and that they are from the first sj earthquakes team ever. I thought that that was cool. Kinda like a where are they now. Just wanted to mention it. I found out though that the team they played for ended up last. My dad's team went all the way to the last round but lost. If they would have won they would have gotten first place for a 3-peat but didn't. Oh well.

    One question long ago did the first e-quakes team exsist? I know nothing of the Earthquakes previous history so please enlighten me. My mom said it was the quakes then the clash then now the quakes but weren't they two different teams or something?

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    Apr 1, 2002
    Hmmm...the "Paul" might have been Paul Child, a striker on the original Quakes team (as opposed to PaulChild, the mook I sit next to at current Quakes games... ;) ). Mani Hernandez was also on the old Quakes.

    The first Earthquakes team started in the old North American Soccer League (NASL) in 1974.

    You're correct that the Clash were a totally different entity than the old NASL Quakes. The only thing MLS has in common with the old Quakes is the current team name. However, many of us loosely refer to the history of San Jose pro soccer as starting in 1974 and running up through now. The first pro game I attended was the Earthquakes vs. the Toronto Metros at Spartan in 1974, when I was nine (goals from Art Welch and Archie Roboostoff in a 2-1 win for the good guys!).

    I could put a hell of a lot more detail, but I think I answered your question.
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    The NO SOCCER Zone
    The History of the World Since 1974

    The "original" San Jose Earthquakes were born in 1974. Originally, the franchise was granted to San Francisco, but when there was no suitable place to play in San Francisco, an agreement was struck to play at Spartan Stadium. The franchise was to be known as the San Francisco/San Jose Earthquakes. However, on draft day, when it came to the club's first selection, PR director Dick Berg yelled into the phone "The San Jose Earthquakes select...", and the San Francisco reference to the club was history.

    The Earthquakes played in the NASL from 1974 until its demise following the 1984 season. The club transformed in 1985, helping to establish the Western Soccer Alliance, which later merged with the American Soccer League to form the American Professional Soccer League, now known as the A-League.

    The Earthquakes were also pioneers in indoor soccer, winning the first ever NASL indoor tournament in 1975. They also participated indoors as a cross-over team in the MISL in 1982, before rejoining NASL indoors in 1983.

    Through a bizarre twist of financial fate, the Earthquakes were left high and dry following the 1987 season and ceased operations. The Earthquakes were replaced in the APSL by the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks. The rights to the Blackhawks franchise were sold lock, stock, and barrel to Major League Soccer in the hopes that MLS would return the favor and place a franchise in the Bay Area. The gamble worked, but only half-way, as the Blackhawks management was not selected to run the San Jose MLS franchise.

    And that's the "Reader's Digest" version.

    Dear readers, feel free to expound or embellish on any potential historical gaps you may deem necessary.
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    Several Former Earthquakes were ...

    playing (against us) in the senior games final (that I personally know, and played against last Saturday / two finals in two brackets), Manny Hernandez, Johnny Moore and Mark Demling. And the final score was 2-2. They (the SJ Trojans/long story) won the gold medal on goal difference. They didn't finish last. We (The Earthquake Rumblers) finished a strong second. Again, in one bracket. Senior soccer is alive and well! We were damned tired, but recovered after beer. pictures will be available on soon! michael
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    May 24, 2001
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    Winners bracket and losers bracket? :D
  6. Ramiros_Soccer_Chica

    Jun 10, 2001
    Yeah..those where there names..sorry. Anyway, I only pasted on the information that was given to me by my parents so I apologize for saying they ended last and what not. Senor games are alive. And beer does help too....haha


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