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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by Deleted USer, Sep 13, 2003.

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    Jan 7, 2001
    ONCE AGAIN, the issue has been brought up in the last week.

    Apparently the press got a hold of some figures. I think the media outlet that released those figures wants its viewers to believe that they actually did get some "ACTUAL" figures from an FMF exec.

    I havent seen these figures but according to some media outlets, they disclosed 500 player's salaries.

    Personally, i think a salary should be a private matter when it pertains to the private sector. In this case it should be between the owners and the players. I am only in favor of disclosing salaries when they pertain to public sectors.

    Everyone knows that Cuauhtemoc is the highest paid player in the MFL. According to the the source, a reporter approched Blanco and wanted to confirm he was really making 31,000 pesos a month. I know that is not true (there is no way he is making 3 thousand dollars a month considering the the real estate he owns, the types of commodities he has or has been seen in public) In reality, I dont see how a reporter or another FMF exec would be able to disclose that information. Its not like a reporter can go to "hacienda" and ask for a players salaryu be disclosed. Those are private matters and can only be released when ordered by the court. AND if they were released, that would be considered a crime. So even before looking at those actual figures, i'm already questioning its validity.

    But did anyone happen to see those figures? I didnt see them posted on reforma nor universal?
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    cual es el nombre de ese semanario?

    esta online, tenes mas detalles de los bien pagados

    se rumora que ese es el contrato A...

    el contrato B es el jugoso y desconocido por la federacion, en marzo dicen que se acaba el problema y no mas escondites.... como es eso, se va el super-draf y la forma de mover dineros es mas transparente?

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    Aug 20, 2003
    i herd someone commentate in a game when america was playing last year against jaguares and cuah blanco was injure.that america payed blanco 50,000 dollars a game

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