Sacramento Sports Commissioner: MLS "very interested in Sacramento.”

Discussion in 'Sacramento Republic FC' started by Knave, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Saw this on MLSN&A, and I'm reposting the link here. You're gonna want to read this synopsis of a talk on the future of sports in Sacramento that featured Sacramento Republic FC VP of Marketing and Communication Erika Bjork and the Director of the Sacramento Sports Commission Mike Sophia.
  2. sugit

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    Feb 5, 2010
    I like this part.....
  3. Polemarch

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    Apr 27, 2013
    Sacramento, California
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    We're so close. If we can do good this season and get a good attendance I think we have a great shot at making it before 2022.
  4. falvo

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    Mar 27, 2005
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    It seems to me that I read more about Sacramento in MLS than in USL which is supposedly going to start shortly. Its almost like they are disregarding this new USL venture.
  5. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    It's nothing more than a stepping stone. They've been up front about this from the beginning.

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