S8OT: Dallas Bulletin (Read Before You Go)

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    Apr 9, 1999
    Attention Section 8 On Tour - Dallas

    Print out and carry this info with you before your trip.


    Cotton Bowl
    (Intersection of S. Fitzhugh Ave. and Robert B. Cullum Blvd.)

    Buy tickets in GA and sit as far down in Section/Aisle 21 as possible. This is where Section 8 On Tour will congregate. You'll assure your seat with the group better if you meet up for the match at the prearranged meeting place. They'll cost $12 at the ticket window.

    Matchday Meeting Place:

    Cafe Brasil
    Address: 2815 Elm St
    tel 214 747 2730

    Has a good assortment of food according to several sources of info, and there are other places nearby if it isn't to taste. It's only about a mile from the Cotton Bowl slightly NW across I-30. Come, get a sandwich or enchilada, have a beer and use the john, while we wait for everyone to get together.

    Plan to meet at Cafe Brasil between 12 and 1, with whoever is there at that time leaving together to head to the match. We'll buy tickets together and then go into the stadium or you can go to the Burn TG (ask them, I don't know). I'll try to be there at Cafe Brasil at noon but if I'm not there for a couple minutes don't go running off.

    After Match Meeting Place:

    We'll arrange this at the game, dependent on what everyone wants to do.

    Anyone needing info/directions/announcing their arrival/looking for the group can call
    tel 847 650 1308
    Friday night and all day Saturday.
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    Apr 9, 1999

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