Ronaldo leaving because his wife is having an affair with Seedorf?

Discussion in 'Spain' started by Deleted USer, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Deleted USer

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    Jan 7, 2001
    ¿Jugando con el enemigo?

    Milán, Italia.- El motivo por el que Ronaldo quiere abandonar el Inter de Milán sería porque su mujer, Milene Domingues, mantiene un romance con su compañero de equipo Clarence Seedorf.

    La noticia fue difundida hoy por la página de Internet "", que cita fuentes internas del Inter de Milán.

    Así se explicaría el enorme interés de Ronaldo por abandonar el Inter tras conquistar el Mundial de Corea-Japón 2002. Recientemente estuvo a punto de fichar por el Real Madrid, pero la operación se frustró en el último momento.

    Cuando aún parecía que se marcharía al Real Madrid, su esposa hizo unas declaraciones que ahora cobran un sentido especial: "Aunque Ronaldo se marche yo me quedo en Milán para seguir jugando en el Monza".
  2. SlamD

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    Apr 20, 2002
    I don't speak Spanish, but it looks to me as if they think Seedorf still plays for Inter Milan?
  3. Juanele

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    Aug 4, 1999
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    Did he move this season?

    On related news, Ronaldo is going to sue whoever wrote that article, according to Brazilian press.
  4. Beckhamcpt07

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    Nov 16, 2001
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    I think he moved to AC Milan.
  5. Americano e Orgulho

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Yeah, I saw the same thing here in Brasil. It was on one of the morning news shows. Theywent to the sports reporter that talked about it and then the reporter asked if it was a reputable news source. Well, his response was less than convincing. He basically said that all italian newspapers are filled with crap. Take it with a grain of salt.
  6. dmar

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    Jan 21, 2002
    Madrid, Spain
    Real Madrid
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    And Seedorf did leave Inter for AC Milan
    It's like when Caminero was supposed to have an affair with Simeone's wife at Atleti...
  7. Excape Goat

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    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    Ronaldo forced him out of Inter because of the affair. :)

    BTW, the Italian press once reported that Filippo Inzaghi and Christiam Vieri are gay lovers.
  8. Mario

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    Mar 11, 2000
    San Salvador, El Sal
    yikes! :eek: they were partners up top when they were in Juventus!!
  9. Scotty

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    Dec 15, 1999
    This report sounds like a bunch of crap. The same Italian website is now reporting that Seedorf is letting Ronaldo and his family stay at his house in Madrid while they look for a new home.

    Sounds like they're still on pretty good terms to me.
  10. Excape Goat

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    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    May be it's a threesome!!!!
  11. thepremierleague

    Mar 14, 2001
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    Imagine the price for photos of that!!!!
  12. Doctor Stamen

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    Nov 14, 2001
    In a bag with a cat.
    Jay Bothroyd and Chris Kirkland were lovers when both were at Coventry City (the latter went to Liverpool).

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