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Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by MadridForever, Oct 17, 2003.

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    A interesting interview with Ronaldo in the uefa web site.

    Some things that he say:

    "From a personal point of view, winning the Champions League is one of my biggest remaining ambitions. It is a great competition and for Real Madrid it is the big one. But I want to win everything - not just for me but for my club, so that I can pay back the trust that they put in me."

    "It is one of the best times of my career so far. What I like to do most is play football and to be playing with the best players in the world is perfect. I have to say that it is a lot easier to play football when you have these guys as team-mates!"

    I think that this can be a great year for Ronaldo. He bet in the preseason that he would score more than 35 goals this season. And he had scored 7 goals only in the first 8 games of the season, He will score more than 40 !!! if he maintains this level.

    Reading this interview and other interviews of RM players, i think that the players are very motivated to win the Champions league this year. The last year they spoke many times about win la liga because we hadn't won the throphy the previous year, but this year they always speak about win the CL. And Ronaldo is one of the players more motivated, because the champions league is the only important throphy that he hasn't won.
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    Aug 2, 2003
    it will be hard to win the CL this year (even though it is an even year!) if the defense does not solidify. We all know that Madrid has the most potent attack in the world - but with the format the way it is now - if Madrid comes up against a very good defensive team that can score on the counterattack, bad things could happen. Hopefully they won't!
    Ronaldo is looking really comfortable in Madrid. Barring injury, he'll get those 35 goals easily.

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