Ronald Koch arrives in Tehran, speaks about the upcomming season in EsEs Headquarters

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    Ronald Koch introduction ceremony

    "The introduction ceremony for Ronald Koch, the newly appointed Head Coach of Esteghlal of Tehran took place yesterday morning (7/27/2002) with the presence of the media.

    Mr. Fathollahzadeh commenced the ceremony by describing the changes and transformations that have taken place in the Esteghlal Club. He then said, "Ronald Koch is one of the best known coaches in German football, has been awarded an A rating by FIFA, and also has a doctorate in football. With the one year contract that he has signed we give him full authority over all technical matters having to do with Esteghlal."

    Fathollahzadeh, upon noting that Koch's knowledge is above and beyond Iranian football, expressed, "Koch's existence in our club is not only beneficial for Esteghlal but will also be for the Iranian National Team. From what I know of Koch I am confident that he will bring about a great transformation in our football. I hope that the media also supports him in this direction."

    In response to a question regarding Javad Zarincheh, Fathollahzadeh answered, "In talks I had with Koch before signing him to a contract it was decided that Zarincheh will be captain of the team and eyes of Koch on the field."

    In regards to transfers, Fathollazadeh spoke, "In the coming months two of our players will be transferred and the 200 million toman that we get will, to an extent, alleviate Esteghlal's financial troubles."

    Fathollahzadeh also spoke of new AFC rules in regard to the Asian Club Competition saying that the winner is given 500 thousand dollars, the runner up receives 300 thousand dollars, the third place prize is 100 thousand dollars, and finally, the host is allotted 75 thousand dollars."
    Ronald Koch's response to the media and his hopes for the future.

    Also during the ceremony, Ronald Koch expressed, "I hope that the relationship we have started with the media today continues and I expect that in the future we will see a constructive relationship between the community of sports writers and Esteghlal."

    Koch also said that the reason he accepted the Head Coach position at Esteghlal was because of his knowledge of the Manager of Esteghlal, Fathollahzadeh. He stated that he hopes to transform football as he did during his previous 8 years of coaching at Beshiktash of Turkey, but also noted that he could only do so with the help of his assistant coaches, fans, players, and even the medical team of his new club.

    When asked about the financial details of his contract, Koch answered, "In Europe the details of contracts are not disclosed and how much I am paid is a matter between the Management of Esteghlal and me so I hope you do not expect me to answer this question."

    About his two assistant coaches, Amir Ghaleh Noei and Talebi, Koch said, "For a long time these two were along side me in Bayer Leverkusen, they witnessed all my meetings and practices, and have worked in football as true professionals. I am positive that they know me well enough to appreciate what I expect of them."

    Koch also remembered to state his tentative goals for Esteghlal: to win the Asian Club Championship and finish first in the Iranian Professional League."


    Pesonal: Wow. This is a big move for EsEs. I especially liked when he stated his goals at the end of the introduction. Winning ACL and the IPL. If he does that, it will make him a legend of EsEs.

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