Roma crisis deepens

Discussion in 'AS Roma' started by Dante, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Here's a great overview...

    Things at Roma are getting from bad to worse....

    After last Sunday`s reported clash between Del Neri and Cassano at
    half-time, today there was a double-episode of the "Life at A.S. Roma"

    First....FRANCO BALDINI (Roma`s equivalent of Moggi) handed in his
    resignation this morning. No reason was given for this (or at least I
    didn`t read it anywhere), but President Sensi didn`t accept the resignation
    in respect to the man himself and to the work he has done...

    Secondly....there was a HUGE outburst by coach Del Neri in the pre-CL game
    press-conference in which the main target was Cassano.

    It started when Del Neri announced that Cassano will not form part of the
    squad for the game against Bayer Leverkusen tomorrow. When asked by the
    journalists why the player was not called up, Del Neri answered as follows
    : " Totti and Montella are Roma`s attackers now. Want me to explain why ?
    One has scored 8 goals, the other has scored 6. In this moment, Cassano`s
    place is at home. It is a technical decision. I am the coach and not a
    director (administrator).

    The journalists replied that Cassano is one of the best attackers in
    Italy....and Del Neri, very angry responded " You say that he is a
    resource, but this has to be seen. Right now we are playing with two
    attackers. If Cassano scores, he is better than the others, if he doesn`t
    he is not better than the others. Nobody can say that he is superior"

    "But will you have a discussion with the Sensi family about Cassano ?"
    insisted the journalists. "But what discussions ? Not calling up Cassano is
    my right" replied Del Neri.

    "But he wasn`t even useful for the bench" asked the journalists. " At the
    moment no, not even for the bench. I don`t care. I can`t make a press
    conference about the game and a press conference about Cassano. I want to
    talk about the Champions League game....if not I can just as well walk out"
    replied Del Neri.

    In my opinion, this is a situation which had been waiting to explode for
    quite some time. Its an open secret that Baldini and Sensi are not on the
    same wavelength as they were in the past seasons. Baldini, after years of
    defending Sensi`s anti-north (and anti-Juve) policy in public and in press
    conferences - practically he was always the main spokesperson who had to
    relay the message of his president - is not very happy that Sensi is all of
    a sudden close to Juve and very close to GEA. In fact, Prandelli is a
    GEA-managed coach....and although he isn`t the root cause of the problem,
    it was already not so nice that Roma had to negotiate with Moggi Jr. After
    Prandelli had to leave and Voeller left....the "new" coach was yet another
    one managed by GEA - Del Neri.....and apart from having to negotiate again
    with Moggi Jr, this time Baldini was also forced to give in to the Del
    Neri`s request of a two-year contract. The "friendly" reciprocal statements
    between Moggi and Sensi, together with Moggi`s words that his son is ready
    to take Baldini`s job at Roma were probably the final spark. No wonder that
    when most of Italy praised Roma`s performance against Juve, Baldini came
    out saying that the players played without character and without fighting
    spirit....he probably expected the game to turn into a sort of mini-war
    just like the fans he took the occasion to sing to the fans`
    tune and inspire them to last Sunday`s protests (there was even a streamer
    at one of the curva`s reading "Andate tutti alle Juve" - "You can all go to
    Juve"). Baldini probably didn`t like the fair-play shown by the players on
    the pitch, the fact that Emerson and Totti shaked hands after a tackle,
    that Cassano went to Emerson after the game to excuse himself for causing
    the sending off, and that the Roma bench gave Emerson the bottle of water.

    Most probably now we will soon start reading in the Roma press that this
    all part of a diabolic plan : Del Neri - a GEA man of Moggi Jr - is doing
    this to Cassano to drive him out of the club and out of favour with the
    fans so that he will prepare the way for Cassano to join Juventus - managed
    by Moggi Sr !
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    Dante, do you really want Cassano at Juve? He's been far from spectacular this season. Maybe a change of venue and a reunion with Don Fab could help, but unless we can get him on the cheap (doubtful), I'm skeptical.

    Another bit of insight into Roma's current problems: "When in Rome, Moan."
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    Yeah, yeah same old, same old. I read the same article and it nothing more than the usual drama king b.s surrounding Roma. Nice addition about Moggi and GEA though. Do you really want the cancer C(ass)ano on your side? I hope we ship him to Real for a ton of cash and a player to be named later.

    p.s. Dante always has the best avatars.
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    As a Juventino I DO NOT want Cassano at Juve. I've been complaining about his attitude since his days at Bari.

    ps - thanks for the compliment bobarino

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