Road Trip To Gold Cup Final

Discussion in 'Boston Chapter' started by GOREVS3000, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Ok, so we decided that a bus was out of the question and are now interested in coordinating car pools/caravan.

    We've used the Riverside Green Line Station as a meeting point for road trips in the past. Would people be interested in meeting there on Sunday? Parking is $5.75.

    The Final is at 3pm at Giants Stadium.

    Google Earth says the travel time from Riverside to Giants Stadium is 3:45 . Figure add 45 minutes for traffic and potential stops along the way...and that makes total travel time 4:30

    Leave Riverside at 8am...get there at about 11:30am. That should give you plenty of time for a tailgate. For what it's worth the lots at Giants Stadium open at 10:00am for the Gold Cup Final. Parking is $20

    Then after the game it can be up to everyone on their own when they feel like leaving and returning back to Riverside.

    Who is interested in offering space in their car for people and who needs a ride?
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    Driving to Jersey, with Wells Thompson

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