Ricardo Pepi at PSV Eindhoven

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    Not talking about sitting the resident Stud forever. In a game that may be, I'm not totally clear on this, but meaningless, it may make sense to rest the Stud so he can bring it next time, league or CL. He clearly has what it takes and is making it happen. And hopefully continues. But this seems like a great time to get some of tomorrows team some experience.
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    Oh, I'm not arguing it's not a good idea, I'm just stating the obvious - Luuk is the decider at this point, unless the physios or someone doing heavy game management metrics can make a really strong case that he needs some rest, it's just going to be very difficult to force LdJ to sit if he isn't inclined to. I'd be trying to do even more to manage his minutes if I were his coach, and Bosz may be trying to behind the scenes, but basically, at this point, if Luuk shows up in the shirt and armband, he's probably going on the field.
  3. LdJ isnot only producing goals and assists. He directs the game on the pitch. He's the boss.
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    Posterized! This is the football version of getting dunk on. The lob (cross) was on the money and Pepi just rose above a defenceless Acuna and slammed it home. Absolutely beautiful… from the pass to the finish.
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    Lets me preface this with, as I've said a number of times, Bosz should be rotating Pepi in for more mins in a regular basis. But De Jong is clearly the leader of the club and having a career season.

    However I also think the common sentiment was Pepi is taking a step to a top Ered club and if he shows well and makes that step up from last season at an Ered basement dweller, that's a good step. I agree. This PSV though is not just a top Ered club. They are on an historic pace. Haven't dropped a point thru 13 matches. A +43 goal difference. Now thru to the knockout rounds of UCL.

    Point being this PSV is actually a better club than many thought Pepi joined.

    Big picture this could be one of the most vital seasons of Pepi's career given what he's learning as De Jong's understudy, the success of the club and doing this at age 20. It's better than just playing off scraps for a relegation candidate top league club. And it's better than just banging in goals for a club outside a top 5-7 league.

    Frankly I think this PSV is top 4 or so equivalent in Ligue 1 and mid table in Serie A and Bund.
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    Pepi is going to produce more, once he starts playing more.
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    Isn't the Eredivisie ranked higher than Ligue 1 now? I think you are underselling PSV a bit and the Eredivisie as a whole. Mid table Serie A / BL Teams right now are: Monza, Frosinone, Lazio, Freiburg, Augsburg and Gladbach. I would bet on PSV vs. those teams right now for sure.
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    Actually they passed us yesterday for the first time this season. This is mainly due to AZ (with unnecesary points dropped) and Ajax not performing well in Europe and Feyenoord, despite running rampant in Rome and Madrid and making papers write about the War machine, meeting goalies having their match of the year and man of the match performances, losing those vital matches.
    edit: It didnot help that in our home match against Atletico we scored two own goals, while "de Kuip" is a bastion where we were unbeaten for a very long time.
    Indice UEFA : la France dépasse les Pays-Bas, un match OM-Ajax décisif
    [​IMG]Linternaute.com|1 day ago
    Avant un match décisif entre l'OM et l'Ajax en Europa League, la France est repassée devant les Pays-Bas au coefficient UEFA pour la première fois de la saison.
  9. https://www.msn.com/fr-fr/sport/football/indice-uefa-grande-nouvelle-pour-la-france/ar-AA1kIKUP
    Fierce is the duel at a distance between France and the Netherlands this season... Better still, the clash between OM and Ajax, on Thursday evening at the Stade Vélodrome in the Europa League, could be decisive. The Netherlands started the season in 5th place in the "coefficient of associations" of UEFA, but France went back in front Tuesday night thanks to the draw snatched by PSG against Newcastle (1-1) and especially the defeat of Feyenoord against Atlético de Madrid (1-3).
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    Cover model:

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    LDJ isn't very proven outside the Eredivisie, still. His career high for top 4 league goals is 6, and in UCL it's 3. This UCL so far it's 2. So it's not like there's not room for improvement in this comp.

    I wonder if Pepi gets a tryout in the group stage finale now. PSV are locked in to 2nd. All there is to play for is pride.
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  12. Uhm, he's the one who scored the two only goals in the Europa League Final for Sevilla, he's a cult hero at Barca, Orange Squad fans want him to rethink his retirement he chose to focus on PSV etc. So he's not a nobody.
    As I pointed out LdJ is more than simply goals/assists. When it was mere that, then for PBosz it would be less a point to make the choice to sub.
    It isnot, as with his substitution you create a different dynamic in the team on the pitch.
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    I didn't say Luuk was a nobody or bum. I stated a fact about his record. They could improve their production at the position for the toughest comps in the near future. That provides an opening for Pepi, if he's up for it. Yesterday was a start.
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    pretty much what I was saying, just because he scored 10 goals this season doesn’t mean Pepi couldn’t have scored 15 if given the same opportunities. Pepi has produced in his limited minutes and has a ton of upside maybe even enough to surpass luuk’s production this year
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    I wasn't too familiar with de Jong and was a bit surprised when I looked at his career goal numbers. I expected a bit more in the higher leagues. I assumed he was slightly older as well the way some talk about him.
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    Didn't both play together yesterday? Perhaps Pepi can get a few more minutes by pairing up at times with LDJ so he's not completely reliant on LDJ coming off.
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    Yes, but that's been saved for very late game very high need of goals situations.

    I was actually nervous they would change their minds when they scored the equalizer while Pepi was waiting to come on.

    They also could try Pepi or Luuk out at CB. They've tried everyone else.
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    Left back like Germany did playing Havertz there. So a sub for Dest!
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    He went right down the check boxes didn't he?
    • hungry
    • wants more
    • but also grateful
    • patient
    • and learning every day

    The PR people must love him, haha.

    If he comes off the bench and scores a game winner in the knock out rounds, however, I want him to turn to the coach and point at his imaginary wrist watch. :D
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    Top to bottom Ligue 1 is stronger, just not as fun to watch because it has fewer goals per game (2.8 vs. 3.3 for the Eredivisie).
  22. When PSV signed him from Sevilla, he wasnot only brought in as a goal scorer.
    Those who keep on posting about the goals LdJ scored/assisted and how Pepi might or might not equal/done better if ..., will keep being disappointed.
    PSV brought him in as the leader PSV needed after last season's turmoil in and outside the selection and the departure of Sangaré..
    LdJ is the undisputed leader, on and off the pitch.
    If PSV still would have Sangaré, Bosz would have more opportunities to sub LdJ.
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    Luuk de Jong is a true modern club legend and true captain.

    No way they are robbing him from the opportunity to play against Arsenal.

    Unique player, best header in the world, with other limitations, but if used well can score against anyone, at any level.

    Certain Pepi will get his chances, but he's the second striker and no where near de Jongs status.
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    Luuk already played against Arsenal. He may be a good striker but he only has 2 goals in the Champions League, even though he has played 90 mins every game. Ricardo Pepi, has only played 19 mins in the Champions League and has half the amount of goals that de Jong has.
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