Ricardo Pepi at PSV Eindhoven

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by EXALIFTIN, Jun 27, 2021.

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    If you define "roti" by "the unleavened flat-bread dish we in the Netherlands spiced with spices that only come from Java" of course, your "roti" will have Javanese "roots" (pun intended) but if you go to India or Pakistan or Iran (or Trinidad or Kingston - Ont or Jamaica) and tell them the paratha/chapati/roti they're serving you came originally from Java... some folks may beg differ.
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    PSV won 4-0 and the penalty was converted. Why would there be anything in the dressing room afterwards?

    It would have been different if Pepi had missed, but it wasn't. The only thing that'll come from it is a quiet word with Lozano reminding him who the designated penalty-taker is.
  4. No, I'm not suggesting that. It's the chicken stew that make the roti dish, as roti is only used as a base to eat it with. The kurkuma goes into the spice mix used to make the chicken stew. As I posted back up the Dutch-Indies people coming to Surinam ate it with rice in the Dutch-Indies, not with that flattened pancake.
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    Yeah, you're talking about a whole different kettle of fish. If you order "roti" in most cities in the world you ain't getting that. That's what I'm saying. Your "roti" ain't everyone else's roti...
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  6. :ROFLMAO:
    That's what I'm trying to convey, that the Surinam roti isnot an Indian dish. It's let's say a fusion of Dutch-Indies, Indian, Surinam and Dutch receipes/ingredients.
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    I'm very confused. But also hungry. So I will leave this debate and get lunch!
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    I just had a Costco hot dog
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    I wonder if Pepi likes food when he eats?
  10. Surinam's broodje bakkeljauw with sour vegetables?
    It's dried fish and, no I'm not making it up, it comes from the Vikings who copied it from the North American Indians.:ROFLMAO:
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    Apparently when he's hungry, he just takes Lozano's lunch.
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    They should stick to smoked Gouda.
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    yes, they have the best ingredients, don’t need fancy cooking - just give me a broodje and I’m super happy - bread, cheese & ham. Lekker.
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    This is the kind of TimB4Last humor I can get behind. Well done, friend.
  15. Hey, we gave the world "Kapsalon":
    Kapsalon - Wikipedia
    Kapsalon ([ˈkɑpsɐlɔn]) is a fast food dish created in 2003 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, consisting of a layer of french fries placed into a disposable metal take-away tray, topped with döner or gyro meat, covered with slices of Gouda cheese, and heated in an oven until the cheese melts.Then a layer of shredded iceberg lettuce is added, dressed with garlic sauce and sambal, a hot sauce ...
    It does have alot of cheese though:)
    Unfortunately the man who created it (the one in the video) recently died of a heart attack
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  16. About bread here.
    I've seen several American youtubers making vids about food in the Netherlands and one thing that puzzles/amazes me is their fondness of Dutch bread. I mean, what can be so special about bread?
  17. It was not quiet worded, PB on tv in the interview after the match said in questions about the penalty what the current order is, de Jong, Pepi.
    Of course depending who's on the pitch.
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    Basically a Doner box with Gouda.
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    what you get when a drunk French-Canadian tourist (redundant) scours Rotterdam for a midnight poutine joint, then decides to improvise…
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    To quote Homer Simpson: I'll take ten.
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  23. :cautious:
    How on earth do you find things like thiso_O
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    Have you ever had mass-produced American supermarket bread? One of my biggest disappointments as a child, was returning to the United States from Germany, and tasting the mushy, no-flavor bread. Now, there are some local bakeries, and some local grocery stores will bake their own bread, but that's not the case for a lot of folks in the USA.

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