Revs v Crew 9/28 Post match locker room quotes [R]

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    Oh the irony of it all - Revs win and TnT doesn't score. Nice win boys!

    Post match quotes from both locker rooms [Big Up to the Revs media staff for providing this...]:

    Revolution Head Coach Steve Nicol on coming from behind to win 3-2 in

    "I think the players responded. The way they attacked, defended when they
    had to...what can you say?

    "It certainly looks like a steal but from where I'm sitting, the team that
    deserved to win, did win. We squeezed the life out of Columbus and scored
    the goals."

    "I think, to be honest, the (first) goal made all the difference. We had
    gone forward but without really sparking. We got the momentum and everybody
    sucked off it."

    On Moore and Cancela playing together:

    "They're both great players. They haven't seen the field at the same time at
    all really. You put excellent players together, they'll play well."

    On decision-making of taking free kicks:

    "It's really on the field. We have three guys equally good at taking free
    kicks - Joe Franchino, Cancela and Joe-Max Moore. It's really a confidence
    thing. People step up and take them, I have no problem. They make the
    decisions on the field...Today they made the right ones."

    Shalrie Joseph on scoring his first MLS goal:

    "It definitely felt good to get a goal, especially when the team was down to
    get the equalizer. This team just showed what we're made of, this team
    didn't give up, we just kept fighting and fighting. We got a big victory

    On not scoring with a couple of earlier opportunities:

    "Yeah, definitely it was frustrating. Especially after their first goal. I
    felt I could have marked Buddle a little bit better. So it was good to make
    up for it by adding one for my score sheet."

    On his role on the team:

    "I don't feel I need to be a goal-scorer. We have Taylor, Joe-Max, all these
    guys are great goal scorers. My job is just to do the dirty work for the

    Joe Franchino on his game-winner:

    "I was confident when I hit 'em. Pepe and Joe-Max came up tonight and
    stepped to take but whenever I take them I'm confident, I just tried to put
    it on goal and pick the spot and it went in."

    How the Revs decided who would take the free kick:

    "Pepe stepped up to the ball and Taylor and I was standing back. Like I
    said, I'm confident taking them Taylor said, "Hit it." So I stepped up and
    it went in.

    On the win:

    "I think it's a big three points. We came back from a 2-oh deficit. Shalrie
    getting his first goal and Joe-Max getting a great goal. It showed the
    character of the team. Great fightback from the team. To get three points -
    it's huge."

    Taylor Twellman on the victory:

    "I think those were the two best free kicks we've had all year. Franchino's
    was nasty. Joe-Max's was nasty. Shalrie scores a great goal. Their two goals
    came after maybe penalty kicks for us as well, so we came back from
    something and we're in the drivers seat right now.

    On the flow of the game:

    "It was kind of static for a little bit, balls bouncing all over the place.
    Then we went two-nil down and started putting pressure on them. We scored
    two very good goals."

    On his game:

    "It went fine. I'm still a little off but we're winning games and that's all
    that matters."

    Columbus Coach Greg Andrulis on losing to another great goal:
    "We played pretty hard and we lost on a couple of great set pieces and it's
    disheartening that we keep getting beat by great goals. If it's going to
    take world class goals to beat us it isn't going to happen every game."

    On his team's struggle with set pieces:
    "All of them have been great goals and we certainly have give up our share
    of great goals but if that's what it takes to beat us; fair enough."

    Crew midfielder Kyle Martino on his first half goal:
    "It was a good ball in and Edson (Buddle) got a jump on his man and went to
    touch it down with his chest, and it went just a touch too far and I just
    tried to spin and put it on target and luckily it slipped past Adin (Brown)
    so it was kind of a scrap goal."

    On losing to Franchino's free kick:

    "That just makes it more frustrating. I think that having three goals scored
    on you off set pieces, I don't care how good they are, is just frustrating
    and I think that we feel that we didn't play our best tonight but that we
    were robbed of at least a point. You have to give them credit, they hit some
    unbelievable free kicks, but that's not any reason to say that we lost but
    it's all right because we had great goals scored against us. That's no
    excuse, we just have to deal with it and move on."

    Crew keeper Jon Busch on losing a two-goal lead in the second half:

    "It's inexcusable. We're 26 games into the season now if you have a two-goal
    lead you finish the game off with 20 minutes left. The bottom line is there
    is no excuse for coming out of here with a loss."

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