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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by ProseLtd, Aug 9, 2002.

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    While I have a great deal of respect for Chacon as a player and for the subtlety of his game it seems that a number of people are having a convienent revision of recent history in that all the things they say APC can do they were recently saying he couldn't do. What is with that?

  3. <<`It's been a little bit of a roller-coaster ride,'' Downing said. ``Obviously when you are playing it's a good thing and say you lose a game it's a bad point. So it's just up and down. >>

    Is this kid alright? This isn't Six Flags, your a Professional Soccer Player, so let me get this straight, lifes good as long as your getting playing time? It doesn't matter were in 9th place out of 10 teams.What would you think if when you played you actually were a direct cause of why the team won and not a contributor as to why they lost!
    My thoughts are the only reason your still on this team is that your Project 40 Player.

    <<``It's hard to say how the season's been. Obviously our record hasn't been what it should be. But at the same time I'm getting chances and that's a good thing. So that's kind of the two sides of the sword.''>>

    It's hard to say how the seasons been????
    Again, are you Freakin clueless!!! This season has been a MAJOR, MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT, actually a very CRUEL, CRUEL JOKE! This is shocking, this kid is playing everyday and has no clue. Little Nicky, the reasons your getting chances is because of INJURIES and a LACK OF DEPTH at the defensive position. You have proved numerous time your not raising your skill level, let alone becoming skilled enough youngster to come in and take a veterans position, ala Rusty Pierce vs Mike Burns.
    My recommendation is to get your head out of your A$$ and realize that soon young man, these chances your getting are going to disappear once the Project 40 Roller Coaster ends. Hey, I hear Jonny Torres is doing well.
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    Jan 3, 2001
    Geez, lighten up man!

    The kid knows the story, he's not blind. He was a long shot when he was drafted, he played a total of one game in his first season and a half. Sure, he'd love to be winning, but despite that I'm sure he's thrilled to be playing, no matter what the reason.

    Young players, particularly defenders, take some time to develop. Maybe Downing never will. It sure isn't helping him to be riding the bench constantly, instead of perhaps being loaned out somewhere where he could get the experience he needs.
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    The Route 1/Chacon metaphor is one of the ugliest analogies I've ever seen.
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    This has become one of Frank's specialties, along with the vacuous human interest story ("Alfonso grew up playing footy on the fabled streets of Anchorage Alaska, where soccer is not a pastime but religion..."), and "The World According to So-and So's Agent" story ("McCrabe insists Alfonso's league-leading 10 own goals have come about as a result of the team's reluctance to play him in his more accustomed position...").

    I also don't think any human in the history of journalism ever took longer to get to the point than FDA (and with less purpose).

    But he's the Globe's soccer guy, so what are you really going to do.
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    Pretty simple to me:

    Downing's happy that he's getting to play more regularly.

    He's unhappy that the teams not doing as well as it can.

    Sounds pretty straightforward.

    The Magpie
  8. Magpie,
    I am usually very easy going and patient individual. That post was me venting. I enjoy your posts and knowledge However, I needed to vent I have restrained myself recently and for the last 5 years. I really get bothered by lack of desire, hustle, heart and hearing the same babble every year.
    I tape all of the games both home and away. I then watch them later, I know I like to cause myself pain. But, it irks me to no end when someone is at the professional level and doesn't give it all, %100 for the whole game. Whether its Soccer, Hockey or Football. I understand that some people lack skill and need more time to develop. Maybe he should be loaned out, thats managements call, but management issues have already been beat to death, theres nothing new I can say. However, when you watch a game follow a player I usually choose Downing, Left Side Mid, Wolde and Cloutier(Just a few examples there are way more choices) for as long as you can either by watching from the stands or as long as there in camera view and you will see they take breaks and are not playing a full 90 minutes.
    They're supposed to mark a man, but why is it we've continually seen opposing players making runs from the back unmarked shooting and scoring as well as opposing offensive players unmarked and our players just sitting in the 18 yd box looking like a deer in the headlights. I hate to say it but there are only a chosen few on our roster that one can say with a clear conscious play and give %100.
    I totally see your points. I just was mad and rambling on. I am sick and tired of the bogus lines we hear from SOME players about whats happening, not happening, etc.
    If I was on the team I wouldn't say anything to the press. What's to say that has not been said in the last 7 years. I would just work my butt and try until it hurt to win.

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    That b*stard O'Mard almost had me pumped up until the very end...:p

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