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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by JMMUSA8, Nov 10, 2004.

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    I saw an article on cnnsi which was basically the same as this one, but neither of these look like they are really explaining the structure or architecture of this new league...

    I have the same question, will it model the baseball farm system, or will it be more like the German leagues with Bayern and they Bayern Amateurs..?

    I think the idea has a ton of promise, especially with this kind of financial backing, but I would hope that the MLS can get the USL and A-leagues on board and make the lower leagues that exist now part of the system. It would be a shame to misuse or waste the resources and players that are already in place. Plus, why try to sell to the same fans twice?

    Rochester and Atlanta and Indiana have fans too, and could support a smaller club like this one.
    As an aside this is interesting info on what else adidas got in that deal.

    World cup sponsorship in 06 coverage, plus interliga sponsorship. To me, it sounds like a positioning prelude to a more esteemable US TV deal, and then a springboard to a Champions League type deal for clubs in the Americas.

    Nike better wake up b/c Adidas just brought the thunder. Project 40 and the Nats suppliership isnt anything to laugh at, but this deal is enormous.

    "Other aspects of the agreement between adidas and MLS, including adidas becoming the only athletic brand with exclusive broadcast advertising right for all league games and, through SUM, adidas' new role as the presenting sponsor of the U.S. television coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. adidas will also become a sponsor of InterLiga, the annual qualifying tournament for Mexican clubs to the Copa Libertadores."
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