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    KO - Kick off
    GK - Goal Kick
    CK - Corner Kick
    TI - Throw-in
    DB - Dropped Ball
    FK - Free Kick
    DFK - Direct Free Kick
    IFK - Indirect Free Kick
    PK - Penalty Kick

    Fouls & Misconduct
    YC - Yellow Card or Caution
    RC - Red Card or Send Off
    UB or USB - Unsporting Behavior (Yellow Card)
    DT - Dissent (Yellow Card)
    PI - Persistent Infringement (Yellow Card)
    DR - Delaying the Restart (Yellow Card)
    FRD - Failure to respect the distance (Yellow Card)
    E - Entering without permission (Yellow Card)
    L - Leaving without permission (Yellow Card)
    SFP - Serious Foul Play (Red Card)
    VC - Violent Conduct (Red Card)
    S - Spits at an opponent (Red Card)
    DGH or DOGSO-H - Denying a Goal or an Obvious Goal Scoring opportunity by handling (Red Card)
    DGF or DOGSO-F - Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring opportunity by a free kick offense (Red Card)
    AL or OFFINABUS - Offensive, Insulting or Abusive Language (Red Card)
    2CT or 2Y or SBO - Second Caution (Red Card)
    PIADM - Playing in a dangerous manner (also known as "dangerous play")
    SPA - Stopping a promising attack (Yellow Card) (Commonly called a tactical or professional foul)

    OS - Offside
    OP or OSP - Offside Position
    PIOSP or PIOP - Player in Offside Position
    2LD - Second-to-Last Defender

    Referee Personnel
    R or CR - Referee or Center Referee
    AR - Assistant Referee
    SAR or AR1 - Senior Assistant Referee (typically bench side official)
    JAR or AR2 - Junior Assistant Referee (typically non-bench side official)
    4th or 4O - Fourth Official
    RAR or 5O - Reserve Assistant Referee (sometimes referred to as "fifth official")
    AAR - Additional Assistant Referee (goal line officials)
    VAR - Video Assistant Referee
    AVAR - Assistant Video Assistant Referee

    Governing Bodies & Documents
    LOTG - Laws of the Game
    SOTG or SOTL - Spirit of the Game or Spirit of the Laws
    Law 18 - Common Sense
    IFAB - International Football Association Board (organization that makes and amends the Laws)
    I&G - FIFA/IFAB's Interpretations of the Laws of the Game
    Q&A - Document from FIFA that was the forerunner to the I&G
    ATR - USSF's Advice to Referees, which is a document that interprets the Laws for US referees
    GTP - USSF's Guide to Procedures, which is a document laying out mechanics for the officiating team
    PRO - Professional Referee Organization (independent organization responsible for the selection and assignments of referees for MLS and certain lower professional leagues)
    ROC - Rules of Competition; set of rules or guidelines specific to a competition that may deviate from or offer more specific detail than the Laws or or other instructions

    USSF Instructional Material
    4 Ds - used to determine validity/appropriateness of red card for DOGSO: distance to ball, distance to goal, direction of play, number of defenders
    SIAPOA - used to determine validity/appropriateness of red card for serious foul play tackle: Speed of play and tackle, Intent, Aggressive nature, Position of the tackler, Opportunity to play the ball, Atmosphere
    FIRE - used to determine validity/appropriateness of red card for violent conduct contact above the shoulders; Frustration, Intimidation, Retaliation, Establish territory or space

    USSF Grade System
    8 - Entry Level for referees above age 16 (Grade 9 is for recreational referees)
    7 - Referee
    6 - State Referee
    5 - de facto National Candidate
    4 - National Assistant Referee
    3 - National Referee
    2 - FIFA Assistant Referee
    1 - FIFA Referee

    PA - Penalty Area
    GA - Goal Area
    KFTM or KFTPM - Kicks From The [Penalty] Mark (commonly known as a penalty shootout)
    ET - Extra Time (proper name for "overtime")
    AET - After Extra Time (found on match reports to indicate extra time was played)
    KMI or CMI - Key Match Incident or Critical Match Incident
    ITOOTR - In The Opinion Of The Referee
    AC - Ass-chewing; a slang name for a stern verbal warning that might come before, in lieu of, or with a yellow card

    YHTBT - You had to be there
    YMMV - Your mileage may vary
    MSU - Making s**t up
    MBB - Men Behaving Badly - usually referring to an men's league

    Video Review Specific
    VOR - Video Operations Room
    OFR - On Field Review
    RRA - Referee Review Area
    APP - Attacking Phase Possession
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