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Discussion in 'St. Louis City SC' started by P@rick_STL, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. P@rick_STL

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    If you haven't already, most of you will be interested to visit the Saturday Soccer Report web site and listen to some of the archived shows. The show broadcasts on Saturday afternoons but is also available on-line.

    Here is the show from this week (including an interview with Cooper):

    2-02 Segment 1 - Will Beckham Ever Get Cap 100? - click here (MP3)
    2-02 Segment 2 - Talk with Jeff Cooper, MLS in STL or Philly? - click here (MP3)
    2-02 Segment 3 - Pat Noonan Interview / Player of the Week - click here (MP3)

    Some of the other shows have interesting interviews (Martin Tyler, Mike Sorber, JP Dellacamera, ...) and are worth hearing.

  2. crewe

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    Jan 23, 2008
    Thanks for the post. Didn't sound like much news, but this made me feel a little better...

    "We'll get a team, there are no two ways about it" -Jeff Cooper
  3. modenafc1912

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    Yes I agree. he basically said that the stadium funding in Philly doesn't affect StL plans, which is to get a franchise (whatever the 16th or the 17th).
    He also confirmed that, given the situation, 2010 is the most suitable year to line up a team into a brand new stadium, and this would work for both StL and Philly.

    So, don't lose faith, we'll get a team!
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    Thanks for the link. I didn't know this show had a site. I wish they made the show a podcast though so I could get it automatically instead of having to go to the site every week.

  5. demunb

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    Hey guys, bumping this up.

    You may want to listen to the Saturday Soccer Report this weekend 3/22/08 .

    I've been told that they are going to have a great guest- a very "Special One" ;)

    Also, I know they are working on getting the podcast working, but if you miss the show you can always go to the website to hear the interviews and read the news.

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