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Discussion in 'Video and Computer Games' started by Gordon EF, Nov 28, 2004.

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    In this thread, you recommend a game and say why it's good...easy. It can be for any console but you can't recommend a game which someone has already recommended. Also, try not to go for obvious ones like Pro Evo, Halo etc.

    I recommend Freedom Fighters. I think it's out for all consoles and has been out for a while but it's absolutely excellent. It's made by the same people who make Hitman, for people who like that.

    It's a team based action, shoot em' up. You play a plumber who is part of the resistance who fights the Commies out of New York. The better you do and the more you help people, the more members of your crew you can convince to join you for each mission and this works really well.

    You take on missions which get progressivley more complicated and harder as your reputation grows and you get higher in the resistance movement. They range from freeing an iifluential memeber of the resistance from prison, destroying guns, supply depots, to infiltrating the Commie base and assasinating the leader.

    It's a really original game and has a few cool features which it does well. The team combat works very well, the fighters are easy to command no matter how many there are and they don't just stand around waiting to be shot if you're not there. You can make some defend a position, whilst others attack and enemy gun turret and just stand back and watch them, you can hide them away safely and do all the work yourself or you can ask them to follow you in an all out assault. This is the first game I've played where this type of thing works really well. Another thing I like is the mission layout...

    You meet in a secret hideout and discuss your next mission, you are usually given a chioce of two or three to try. If you choose one, get half way through and are suddenly cut to pieces by a helicopter, you can try another, which involves blowing up a helipad and then the helicopters will be gone for the next level.

    It's not the longest game and a week or so of regular play will see you through it but it's a very enjoyable and satisfyiing game to play.

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