Rebuilding the NT -2018 Qualifiers

Discussion in 'Ecuador - National Team' started by b9d23m89, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Lost every single game.
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    It clear that Celico has a long way to go and isnt ready to take on the senior team as alot of people wanted.

    There 2 things that werent his fault.
    FEF teasing him with the senior NT and having take care of that probably wasn't good for him. He should have dedicated more time to prepare and plan for U-23. FEF probably should have planed better friendlies for this too. If Im not wrong we only face Peru twice and Tecnico Universitario, Aucas, and Liga to prepare for this. We should have face other U23 NT.

    The other thing is the teams didnt release players for this. Im surprised Erick Ferigra still refused to go to this dudes riding bench talking about waiting for a call up to Spain. But yea Celico showed his frustration this team that went to compete was a lot younger than it should have been. We have a good amount of top u23 players for this. It a shame that alot of them couldnt go to this.

    Overall Celico Made alot of mistakes defensively he has a lot to learn and correct in his coaching if he want to continue to compete at that level.

    It also seemed like he wasnt motivating the team. It really sad to see this team do so bad. .

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