Real Madrid v Dinamo Bucarest [R]

Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by DragonFly, Aug 26, 2002.

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    Dec 31, 1999
    5-2 Real Madrid (8/24) in Ciudad de Alicante Tropy
    Goals for RM: Portillo (2), Raul, Hierro, Savio.

    Full report in English:

    5 ? REAL MADRID: Casillas; Salgado, Hierro (Pavón, 79?), Helguera, Raúl Bravo; McManaman (Miñambres, 65?), Cambiasso (Savio, 65?), Celades; Zidane (Solari, 58?); Raúl (Guti, 58?) and Morientes (Portillo, 58?).
    2 - DINAMO BUCAREST: Stefan; Flavius, Burca, Popescu (Tamas, 56?), Bogdan; Grigorie, Parvu, Damciu (Alexa, 60?), Frasineanu; Miculescu (Cosmin, 67?) and Damciulescu (Petre, 82?).
    GOALS: 0-1 (10?): Grigorie beats Casillas when the keeper is coming out.
    1-1 (34?): Centre by Zidane, Cambiasso heads the ball on to Raúl, who scores from a header too.
    2-1 (56?): Hierro, penalti kick.
    2-2 (60?): Miculescu, from 30 metres out, powerful left-footed shot.
    3-2 (73?): Savio?s centre shot from the left side, Solari controls the ball and Portillo beats the Romanian keeper with a header.
    4-2 (79?): Portillo, powerful shot
    5-2 (89?): Savio, penalty kick.

    REFEREE: Medina Cantalejo (Andalucia Referees Association). He cautioned Damciu, Popescu. In the 78th minute he disallowed Miñambres? goal because of a foul by Portillo.
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    A game very entertained game. Two more goals for Portillo. He's oficially the player with more goals in the pre- season. Zidane and Cambiasso had also played very well.

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