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Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by beginningsoccernut, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Dec 2, 2004
    Re: Were not helping MLS much....

    Hey, I got a ? for you..I am desperate to get my girlfriend a San Jose Earthquakes License Plate Frame for Christmas. The Soccer Shop is out until December and I can't find one anywhere!! I have been on E-bay and Amazon, daily - with no luck. Any chance at all, that you would consider selling me yours? It should have cost you like $4.95, but I will gladly pay you $40 for your troubles in getting one to me. My girlfriend would be blown away if I could surprise her, that would rock!! Thanks for reading this and hopefully you can help (seeing as how it is the Christmas season and all) :) Anyways, please call or email if you can: (925) 789-0050 or pickettmark22@comcast.net Thanks, Mark P.

    Mod Note: Appreciate the fact that you searched for an existing thread with the subject matter you're looking for, but I thought you might get a better response with a thread specific to your inquiry... BlueMeanie
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    Re: Were not helping MLS much....

    Help the guy out...he wants his girlfriend to be BLOWN away! ;)

    *Slaps hand* Dirty, Lindsey, DIRTY! :rolleyes:

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