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    Jan 25, 2001
    I finished updating my excel file through this season, so I thought I would share the San Jose data with you guys. There could be some errors, but I think it's pretty accurate.


    55-Ronald Cerritos
    32-Landon Donovan
    21-Eric Wynalda
    20-Jeff Baicher
    18-Dwayne DeRosario
    18-Brian Ching
    14-Lawrence Lozzano
    14-Manny Lagos
    14-Ariel Graziani
    13-Paul Bravo


    10-Landon Donovan
    4-Manny Lagos
    3-Dwayne DeRosario
    1-13 tied

    Open Cup

    3-Dwayne DeRosario
    3-Ian Russell
    3-Ronald Cerritos
    3-Ronnie Ekelund
    3-Scott Bower


    2-Landon Donovan
    2-Manny Lagos
    1-6 tied


    59-Ronald Cerritos
    45-Landon Donovan
    24-Dwayne DeRosario
    22-Jeff Baicher
    21-Eric Wynalda
    21-Manny Lagos
    20-Brian Ching
    16-Ariel Graziani
    16-Lawrence Lozzano
    15-Ronnie Ekelund

    MLS Single Season

    15-Ronald Cerritos (1999)
    14-Ariel Graziani (2002)
    13-Ronald Cerritos (1998)
    13-Paul Bravo (1996)
    12-3 tied

    Overall Single Season

    17-Landon Donovan (2003)
    16-Ariel Graziani (2002)
    15-Ronald Cerritos (1999)
    14-Ronald Cerritos (1997)
    13-4 tied
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    There were a lot of reasons he had to go, but Graziani could put the ball in the back of the net.

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    very interesting, you should be the official Quakes stat keeper.

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