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    had harold reynolds on for the good 5 minutes portion

    harold wasn't too keen on the showboating, but played the politician on it... not going outright against it... saying that better coaches at higher levels will teach them not to do that

    in addition he played the politician role on the notion of kids throwing junk at the mound... saying he didn't like it, but he didn't think too many of the kids there were throwin junk

    personally, i think these kids are old enough to get plunked at the plate... that would and did happen in my little league (it's just a bruise and a lesson taught)

    as for the junk, nice to see harold have no balls... junk should not be allowed... these kids are just that kids, their arms and bodies are not done developing... you can throw some junk that won't damage your arm, but it's not going to have the movement some of these kids have (in 45 feet mind you)
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    You're forgetting that the mound looks level. It's not 10 inches (or 15 until MLB changed it 30 years ago). Less action on the junk.

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