PSV vs Arsenal- Attacking Tactics Required

Discussion in 'The Netherlands' started by Dan Roudebush, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Dan Roudebush

    Dan Roudebush New Member

    Mar 31, 1999
    I think I have the pts right for this calculation.

    PSV sits with 9.

    They have to asume Panathinaikos will beat Rosenborg. That will give Panathinaikos 8 pts and playing PSV the last game. Panathinaikos will have to play to win to get 11 pts and pass PSV.

    So a PSV tie with Arsenal does nothing to safeguard the Dutch side's situation. 9 pts or 10 it won't make any difference to Panathinaikos.

    Further if Arsenal ties PSV that gives the Gunner's 7. One assumes they can beat Rosenborg at home. So they end up with 10 and pass PSV on head to head (I assume that's the tie breaker)

    No wonder Gus, Cocu and other players stated the Panathinaikos/Arsenal tie this Tuesday did nothing for them.

    PSV is forced into playing attacking soccer against Arsenal. A win is the only good thing they can get. A tie does nothing to take the pressure off the last game.

    So it should be entertaining. I wonder what Gus will come up with? The "D"has looked good at home, but he needs goals. Maybe Sol will still be out and Cygan can gift Gus's troops a few points.
  2. johan derksen

    johan derksen BigSoccer Supporter

    Aug 14, 2004
    Venlo, Netherlands
    I don't think Panathinaikos will beat Rosenborg in Norway, Rosenborg will play for their last chance at uefa-cup football. I'm afraid Arsenal will be too strong for PSV again.
  3. johan neeskens

    Jan 14, 2004
    I don't know about that. If anything, PSV look very very solid this season. They're not giving away much. I think they'll use very defensive tactics v Arsenal and rightly so. I predict a draw.
  4. A-J-A-X

    A-J-A-X New Member

    Jul 14, 2004
    South London, UK
    From what I remember, Arsene Wenger's offensive strategy was been to methodically work into the box through short passing and dribbling (ie: a possession game) before striking at goal.

    With Henry, Pires, Reyes and Bergkamp they have strong runners and shooters. If PSV moves into a defensive shell, I think that the combined approach of possession football and strong shooters will overwhelm the PSV squad.

    That is of course, if Arsenal doesn't revert to their usual self... :rolleyes:
  5. johan derksen

    johan derksen BigSoccer Supporter

    Aug 14, 2004
    Venlo, Netherlands
    Just to temper the optimism slightly a bit, I seriously think PSV didn't play against a "topteam" yet this season. Rosenborg were having a difficult time while we played them, Ajax was strugling, Arsenal are not their invincible selves, Panathinaikos and Rosenborg away both a very lucky victory. Even the game against AZ was in a period where Co was experimenting with his team. This "luck" can't surely go on forever, although I wouldn't mind.

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