press about the USOC game vs. DC

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    Washington Post Article (AP)

    huge break? it wasn't a break, it was a red card offense...

    no penalty kick was awarded? was outside the penalty area which is mentioned in the same paragraph...

    btw...highlights were shown on msg sportsdesk last night... :D
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    "the Open Cup was an amateur tournament until MLS started in 1996."

    They're just making sh!t up. Completely clueless.
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    Giase, Star-Ledger

    "In soccer all around the world it's about trying to win championships," Bradley said. "That's the only way you can prove yourself as a team. Obviously I wasn't a part of what went on here before, but certainly the hope is that every year now you have a team that cares about this stuff and is ready to play and move forward and try to win some trophies."

    Galarcep, Herald News (no, the links still don't work -- just click through "Sports" and then "Soccer")

    "Hopefully the curse of the MetroDonkeys is finally off of us," said Metros defender Steve Jolley. "To finally have a final, and more importantly to finally have a final in New Jersey, for the fans who have suffered for so long, is really important."...

    "We feel like when we have to win a game we will win the game," said Guevara, who has scored four goals in four U.S. Open Cup matches. "This team has character and a personality that responds when the games are important."

    Yannis, NY Times

    Can't access the Daily News website - no idea why. The Post has nothing.

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