Presidential candidates and their occupations

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    The last sitting senator to win the presidency was JFK. Since then, 4 sitting senators have run and...

    1960 Sen Kennedy def VP Nixon
    1964 Pres Johnson def Sen Goldwater
    1968 Nixon def VP Humphrey
    1972 Pres Nixon def Sen McGovern
    1976 Gov Carter def Pres Ford
    1980 Gov Reagan def Pres Carter
    1984 Pres Reagan def Mondale
    1988 VP Bush def Gov Dukakis
    1992 Gov Clinton def Pres Bush
    1996 Pres Clinton def Sen Dole
    2000 Gov Bush def VP Gore
    2004 Pres Bush def Sen Kerry

    ...all 4 senators lost.

    In contrast, 5 state governors (not including George Wallace) ran for president and only one (Dukakis) lost.
    The lesson? Senators make lousy presidential candidates, when in doubt, go with a non-segregationist governor.

    Also, Nixon, Mondale and Gore were all in the Senate 8 years before their presidential run (all left the Senate to be VPs), and lost. Nixon is the only post-Kennedy senator to overcome his Senate career, and he was lucky to have served just 2 years, and he had to wait 16 years before he won.
    So the shorter your senate service, the longer removed you are from the Senate, the better. But it's probably best not to serve in the Senate at all, just to be safe.

    I guess the real lesson here is that Iowa Democratic Caucus and New Hampshire primary voters are a stupidface. Should've gone with Sharpton. Or rolled the dice with Dean. In any case, the Democratic Party needs to be dismantled and started back up from scratch. They need to stop being the party of ************** and stop trying to play it safe.

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