Post-Match USMNT vs. Uruguay 9/10

Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by largegarlic, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. largegarlic

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Well, that was a good bit better than Friday, though the intensity was much lower. Still not a lot of guys who stood out positively. I'd say the following improved their standing in this one:

    --Morris. Got the (garbage) goal, but was pretty consistently causing some trouble going forward and put in some good crosses.

    --Dest. Got smoked pretty badly that one time again defensively, but looked even more comfortable on the ball tonight...maybe the most skilled guy out there for the US.

    --Ream. As I said in the PBP thread, if Brooks can't go, in this "system," we need a CB who's better on the ball than Zimmerman, Miazga, or Long in there, and Ream did well distributing tonight. I also think his lack of pace is easier to cover for centrally than outside, where you can get stuck on an island dealing with a pacy winger.

    That's about it for me. Pomykal had that one nice run where he split the two defenders, but he wasn't really on long enough to do too much. Everyone else ranged from OK to bad in my opinion.
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  2. jond

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    What do you expect when this is the crap our Fed showcases prior to kickoff?

    They literally wanted to highlight our garbage 1st touch while our guys think it's funny.

    @Bolivianfuego don't be a stranger.

  3. butters59

    butters59 Member+

    Feb 22, 2013
    Baird was better than Boyd, but that such a low bar.
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  4. bballshawn

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    Feb 5, 2014
    Philadelphia Union
    Look at the players in the circle why are we surprised
  5. Gacm32

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    Chelsea FC
    Nov 28, 2010
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    Holy shit. Zardes' touch really is horrific. How is he playing for the USA?
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  6. LouisZ

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    I sense this was the last time we are to see Dest with an American jersey.
  7. zlatan_but_a_car

    Botswana Meat Commission FC
    United States
    Oct 16, 2017
    Maybe his frustrated body language was "I know I have more to offer this team and look forward to showing manager Berhalter in the upcoming Nations League matches" and not "lol ******** this"???
  8. CeltTexan

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    Sep 21, 2000
    Houston, TX USA
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    United States
    Despite the departure of many of the team, the men that took the field did not shame their names or our flag as bad as they did versus Mexico. Uruguay is always going to be organized and willing to get stuck in so this rebound game versus their team was a good test. And honestly the guys for the most part played much better outta the back and much better service into the 18.
    Good on Morris to break the goal drought and good on Pomykal to show a snippet of what he will bring to the team. 1-1 on the day was just. Dest did look like someone shot his dog when he came to the bench. Still. We did not lose.
    I honestly feel better.

    We first played Uruguay in 1924. Did not know that. Cool.
  9. ChambersWI

    ChambersWI Member+

    Nov 10, 2010
    AC Milan
    Outside of his corners, Yuiell had a nice showing as the 6.

    Roldan's best game in a yanks shirt. He and Llegett were solid.

    Nick Lima added a lot in his short time. May not be the best RB out there but he showed he has a place on the team.

    Tyler Boyd... gotta do more son. Same with Aaron Long.

    From an individual standpoint you had a few guys have wins tonight with their spot in the pool.
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  10. rgli13

    rgli13 Member+

    Mar 23, 2005
    Memphis, Tn
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    exactly the same as weve played in every friendly- the only variable is how much the other team cares. that flukey ass ball (that morris bundled in well) is going allow for so much talk of improvement and progress...

    nine months in and there they are- baird and lovitz.

    yueill certainly filled trapps shoes...and pathetic fks, as well.

    lima was a crossing machine, that was pretty funny.

    we need some new kits, man. this bright ass red and blue is awful- im officially co-blaming everything on them going forward.

    and finally- dest. is. not. a. left. back.
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  11. frankburgers

    frankburgers Member+

    May 31, 2016
    Gregg Berhalter stinks.
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  12. zlatan_but_a_car

    Botswana Meat Commission FC
    United States
    Oct 16, 2017
    Am I drinking crazy juice? Yuiell looked amazing for 25 minutes and then Uruguay began marking him and his influence waned. He also lost his mark in transition more than a few times.

    I don't think he was bad, just looked to be at around the same level of Bradley and Trapp.
  13. vexco

    vexco Member+

    Nov 2, 2013
    No, he was pretty meh.
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  14. SpencerNY

    SpencerNY Member+

    Dec 1, 2001
    Up in the skyway
    Argentina scrubs are destroying Mexico 30 minutes in. How did we do so badly against Mex? God, Uruguay must of been f’n sleep walking.
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  15. LouisZ

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    Oct 14, 2010
    Southern California-USA
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    United States
    First time. I'm agreeing with you.
    P.S. The soccer gods just decided to do a bit of justice. Argentina 3 Mexico 0 at minute 32.
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  16. Suyuntuy

    Suyuntuy Member+

    Jul 16, 2007
    Vancouver, Canada
    Good lord what is wrong with Mexico, it's getting ragdolled.
  17. sXeWesley

    sXeWesley Member+

    Jun 18, 2007
    Portland Timbers
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    United States
    Berhalter is a better troll than Supercooper.

    That’s what I learned from this game.
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  18. gogorath

    gogorath Member+

    United States
    May 12, 2019
    Pluses: Liked how Dest, Yueill and Ream attacked when receiving the ball. Morris looked good. Paxton looked good in his few minutes.

    Biggest Player Negative: Sebastian Lleget squandered, what, 12, 15, possessions in reasonably dangerous spots in the final third?
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  19. SpencerNY

    SpencerNY Member+

    Dec 1, 2001
    Up in the skyway
    ok, so what does this say about our embarrassment vs Mexico? Are we that bad, were we missing too many players or is GB the main culprit?
  20. thedukeofsoccer

    thedukeofsoccer Member+

    Jul 11, 2004
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    United States
    They did alright. I think people were looking for inspiring after Friday, and partially the Gold Cup final, but we didn't get that tonight.

    Morris - 8 - had a goal, should have had an assist, and a big problem making runs at Uruguayan D on and off the ball. Shouldn't bat an eye when you even see him in 1st team competitive lineups.

    Ream - 7.5 - defensively secure and smooth passing. Not a fan, but he's one of the best options in the center if we're going to play this style (so maybe we shouldn't).

    Dest - 7 - added to the attack and the possession. Defensively neutral. Good recovery/positioning but again got beat. Hopefully the experience didn't disillusion him.

    Robinson - 7 - displayed the speed and alertness defensively we see for Atlanta, but thought his passing/dribbling were more aggressive, even though he still unnecessarily back passes. Helped the US break some lines. I would put him on the Nations' League roster.

    Lima - 6.5 - managed to make an impact, getting in behind the d, and whipping in crosses, in a limited amount of time. Neck-and-neck w/ Cannon and Yedlin, presuming Dest plays lb in the interim (if he stays).

    Roldan - 6 - really added a lot to the attack for an 8, and solid in possession, albeit w/ a few poor giveaways. Defensively bad gambles and couldn't recover. Hurts when there's no destroyer behind. Swiss army bench type for the a-team.

    Sargent - 6 - played hard, provided decent hold-up, and hard-done not to draw the penalty off the header. But didn't get involved enough because his runs weren't well-timed and doesn't have good physical tools. Still needs to improve to be the top cf option.

    Lletget - 6 - safety valve to keep possession, provided decent creativity, and pressure for 10, but botched 2 good chances. He's a roster guy. Don't hate him in starting xi's, but wish Pomykal would have gotten a chance.

    Yueill - 5.5 - assumed the Bradley/Trapp almost as well, but while being nearly as inadequate defensively. Uruguay ran at us unabated. Bradley is almost a lock for this position because it was set up that way.

    Guzan - 5 - helped distribution, but in his main job he spilled a ball that he got bailed on and allowed a saveable goal w/ out any notable saves.

    Cannon - 5 - this was an off game for him. He was caught in possession, and didn't provide width. The attack didn't come down his side but that's because we allowed them to march down the center often.

    Long - 4.5 - he's in poor form since NYRB didn't transfer him and it's carried over to the NT, after he was a defensive monster in the GC. Can't justify getting burned a couple times a game when you are a passing liability too. Back to being a question who the best cb pairing is.

    Boyd - 4 - had that peach of a ball, but was where attacks went to die generally. He's had a real fall from grace for club and country. Hopefully he can bounce but, but right now shouldn't be a starter for either.

    Baird - 4 - not dynamic nor good enough technique + physical tools to compensate. Not NT level.

    Lovitz - 3 - I mean he's gotta be blackmailing somebody, doesn't he?

    Pomykal, Zardes - N/A
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  21. manq360

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    Jun 17, 2009
    Portland, OR
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    United States
    Not only are they amateurish looking but on my TV the numbers on the shirt blend in and if I am not familiar with the player, I can't read the number to tell who he is. I hope they break out new ones for the upcoming games.

    I would like to see more of Paxton and Dest. Hoping that Sargent and Morris continue to improve and are able to replace Jozy. Just about anyone can replace Bradley/Trapp, which was shown tonight.

    Why was GGG hugging on Paxton prior to him entering show us that there were no hard feelings about earlier tweet about his boy Zardes?
  22. Excellency

    Excellency Member+

    Nov 4, 2011
    Arsenal FC
    I watched up to the first goal and Mexico looked like USA. It must be contagious.
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  23. Excellency

    Excellency Member+

    Nov 4, 2011
    Arsenal FC
    The US kits look like New Year's Eve party favors. Cheap tinsel.
  24. Lloyd Heilbrunn

    Lloyd Heilbrunn Member+

    Feb 11, 2002
    Jupiter, Fl.
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    United States
    Well, at least we're consistent, we don't play well against high pressure and we don't play well against low-pressure.

    At least we created a couple chances that probably should have been finished, and got the pinball goal.

    We still get beaten on the dribble a whole bunch in midfield and in defense.

    It's been a problem for years, but I'll never understand why we play so sloooooowly.

    I'm in my sixties, and the way we bring the ball up, I'd have time to get back on defense...

    It's going to be tough to recruit a player like Dest though, playing crappy soccer, on a joke of the field.

    Is that field the best they can do in St. Louis? I thought it was a soccer hotbed?

    On to mighty Cuba, I guess.
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  25. HouseHead78

    HouseHead78 Member+

    Oct 17, 2006
    Austin, TX
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    United States
    Trying to apply the transitive property in international friendlies is futile. None of these games will matter a bit in a matter of weeks
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